Stock – Trading Quiz

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Stock – Trading Quiz

Everyone knows about Wall Street. There are even various films about the volatile life of bulls and investors. There is no break for them, that’s for sure. But the gains are often worth it. So, what about you?  Are you part of this world or just a spectator? Let’s see how much you know about stocks trading:

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Which of the following is not a stock exchange?

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When does Margin compression occur?

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What does the term M&A refer to usually?

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What is a term for the situation when a stock's price falls from historical highs to a previously-attained lower milestone?

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When the total number of shares of a company's stock is multiplied by the current share price, it's called:

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Do you know what Volatility Index (VIX) is?

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Do you know what does EBITDA stands for?

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What is an allowable order type in pre and post-market trading?

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Which organization sets the rules for pattern day trading?

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If a company purchases shares of its stock from current shareholders, that is called a:

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