Stock Market – Beginner Quiz

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Stock Market – Beginner Quiz

If you have some excess money and don’t want to let it grow mold, or if you just decided to invest in something and get profits on leisure, there are mass of opportunities worldwide. However, investing in a business isn’t easy to navigate. Let’s see how much do you know about this world until you plunge headfirst into it:

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What is the Stock Market?

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Do you know what does the bull and the bear stand for?

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Choose the factor that affects the stock market:

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Can you tell us how many types of stocks are there?

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An "illiquid market," also known as a thin market is characterized by:

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Choose the correct statement about blue chips stocks:

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Penny stocks are:

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Which of these statements is right?

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Can you tell what do the "Ask" and "Bid" prices mean?

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What does the breadth of the market show?

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