Forex – What do you know about it?

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o que é spread em forex

Forex - What do you know about it?

Forex is one of the most important parts of the global economy. Among other things, it shows how countries communicate and co-exist. However, Forex depends on so many factors. Do you know how it works? Find out now!

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What does Forex stand for?

Forex on monitor

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What is traded in Forex?

Currency symbols

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Historically, when did forex trading begin?

Ancient coins

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Which are the main participants in the forex market?

Bank of England

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How are the major Forex markets divided when speaking about trading generally?

clima, mercado global, COP26

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What does safe-haven mean?


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What do traders typically do during the crisis?

Stock crisis

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Which are the safe-haven currencies?

Swiss Francs safe-havens in suitcase

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The oil-linked currencies are:

Canadian flag and crude oil

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Which currencies are depending on China due to the trading relations?

Dual-Use Technologies and the Obsolete Multilateral Regimes

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