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Forex Trading – Beginners Quiz

Created on By Eddie Vorman

Forex Trading – Beginners Quiz

Forex stands for foreign exchanges and refers to currency trading. But how much do you know about the process? Test your knowledge now!

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Can you tell us what the Major Currency Pairs are?

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Here are several none major currency pairs, all except:

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A currency symbol consists of 3 letters. Do you know what the first two letters and the third letter represents?

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Buck is to USD. Which of the following is to GBP?

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Why are the major currencies commonly traded on the forex market?

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Let’s say that the EUR is strengthening against the U.S. dollar. What should we do for EUR/USD pair?

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Please, choose the base currency in the EUR/USD pair:

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If the traders go long on a trade, it means:

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Which is the largest economy in the forex market?

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Why does the USD have the highest percentage in the forex market?

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