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Forex Quiz - Forex Traders

Did you know that there are several kinds of Forex traders? Can you tell us what they are called and how their trading methods differ? Let's find out if you know the answers on the following questions:

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Do you know what differentiates the various groups of traders in the FX market?

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Can you tell us which of the following consists of the different types of traders:

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Let's say you find it hard to sleep as long as you have a trade running. Then you are a:

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What do you call a trader who participates in short trades on a small time frame several times?

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Which important routine should a day trader not miss on his/her trading plan?

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What do you call a trader who trades only in a ranging forex market?

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A trader, who closes out all trades at the end of the day whether in profit or loss, is called:

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Do you know what mechanical trading is?

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Choose the time frame, which the position traders use to hold their trades:

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Can you tell us which kind of time frame a scalper should consider for his/her trades?


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