Commodity Trading Quiz – Intermediate

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Commodity Trading Quiz - Intermediate

Commodity Trading Quiz - Intermediate

The commodity market is one of the most interesting and diversifying in the world, but it also offers many challenges, especially if you are a beginner. There are so many branches, as well as different ways of trading. So, if you want to achieve success, it will be helpful to learn about them. Let's see how well you can navigate through the commodity market.

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What is the most traded commodity in the world?

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Why are the commodities attractive for investors?

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Do you know what a commodity product spread is?

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What do traders call an “Offer Price” in the commodity market?

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What does the Spot price indicate?

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What is Bullion in commodity market?

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Which one of the following statements is correct about commodities?

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Please choose the first formal soft commodity exchange:

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Which one of the following statements is false?

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Please choose the correct statement:

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