Commodities Quiz – Precious Metals; Gold and Silver

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Commodities Quiz – Precious Metals; Gold and Silver

Precious metals are one of the most profitable commodities. They are also one of the oldest ones. While most people own at least some pieces of gold or silver, they usually don’t know much about their history. How about you? Are you ready to test your knowledge?

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Which is the best conductor of electricity?

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Do you know which country is the largest producer of silver in the world?

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How much is the most valuable gold coin known as the Australian Kangaroo worth?

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Britain stopped to use real silver in ‘silver’ coins since:

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Do you know which of the following three gold comes from?

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When was silver discovered?

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Which is the last country that used a gold standard?

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The Mponeng Mine, also known as the world’s deepest mine is:

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Which country is the biggest consumer of gold in the world?

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