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Commodities – Gold Quiz

Created on By Eddie Vorman

Commodities – Gold Quiz

Gold is the one of the world’s oldest and most valued commodities. Even when other goods fail, the price of Gold stays stable, and is less volatile. If you want to invest, this venue is really worth it. But how much do you know about this precious metal? Let’s see if you can answer some questions about it!

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Can you choose the country, which is the world's largest consumer of gold?

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Do you know which bank has the world's largest stockpile of gold, 25% of the world's reserve?

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Which nation used gold to create jewelry first?

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Gold mines produce gold commercially on every continent except?

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Which is the most famous gold bullion coin in the world?

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Choose the metal which contains the most gold and is obtained as a by-product?

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All the gold that has ever been mined in history would fit in:

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Do you know the weight of the world’s largest gold nugget ever found?

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What's the average time it takes to sell gold after it's first discovered?

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The most commonly used base metal, which yields a redder color is:

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