CFD’s Trading and Terms Quiz

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CFD Trading Strategies

CFD’s Trading and Terms Quiz

CFD’s trading offers many advantages. However, it differs from traditional trading, operating with its own terms and rules. How well do you know this world? Are you confident in your knowledge? Here's your chance to find out!

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When the trader is protecting himself against future price changes by shifting some or all of the risk to someone else, this process is called:

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The amount of cash put up by an investor, which is just a fraction of the value the asset, is called:

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If the people bet on price changes in the hope of making a profit, they are called:

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When a trader is borrowing a security and then selling it with the hope of buying it back later at a cheaper price, this procees is called:

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What is called an agreement to accept or make delivery of an asset on a particular future date at a price struck today?

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Which of the following is not common with both futures contracts and forward contracts?

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The differential between the futures price and the spot price is known as:

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