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Qualcomm Launches New Processor, Making 5G More Accessible

Cheaper smartphones in the market can finally hold 5G capable technology. This is all thanks to Qualcomm’s latest processer chipset that was released yesterday.

The Snapdragon 690 is the first product in the company’s 6-series chips to have the 5G capabilities. It’s supported by new developments made by the company to support the next generation for network services.

However, there is still a catch with the new processor. The chip can only support the sub-6GHz version of the new technology.

The lower sub-6GHz version is considerably slower than the mmWave standard for 5G networks.

Still, the company reached an impressive feat as it brings the new tech to lower end smartphones.

Technology news reports say that the new Snapdragon 690 has promising improvements compared to Qualcomm’s previous 6-series chips.

The semiconductor manufacturer says that the new chip will offer 20% better CPU performance for devices. And it will render graphics 60% faster compared to the earlier Snapdragon 675.

But the introduction of 5G networks to midrange and budget smartphones is the main asset of the company’s chips. In the past, the 6-series chipsets were intended for mobile phones from Nokia, Motorola, and even LG.

And in the past, 5G capabilities were only available for the chipmaker’s higher tier chipsets. The flagship Snapdragon 865 is an example of this and its part of the 8-series chipset.

Although experts say that the 5G equipped midrange phones won’t arrive at stores for a while. It still marks a next step for the modern technology, developers, and consumers.

There is still no news as to when the first Snapdragon 690 smartphone will launch commercially.

Other Features

Aside from 5G network capabilities, Qualcomm’s new chipset brings other high-end features in it. According to reports, the Snapdragon 690 can support 120Hz displays to provide faster refresh rates.

The 6-series chipset will also have 4K HDR video capture capabilities, a first for it. Snapdragon 690 will also reportedly enable 19-megapixel main cameras for midrange devices.

Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon said that the expansion of 5G capabilities to their Snapdragon 6-series makes the technology accessible to more users.

The launch also comes as the number of 5G subscriptions in the world climbs to about 190 million this 2020. And experts even say that the number should climb by 2.8 billion five years from now.

In fact, the coronavirus pandemic has boosted growth for 5G network services as the demand for internet grows. Since workers and students are working from home, the growth for demand has increased exponentially.

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