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PXP ICO will begin soon. CYCE and SRC still available

Crypto Carbon Energy launched its native token’s ICO today. It plans to make the initial coin offering through the exchanges as well as its own system. The company does not have a blacklist. According to it, CYCE is for everyone interested in DeFi. The project has a strong potential, and its rating is quite high.

CYCE is a crypto asset. It supports renewable energy sources against global warming. Thanks to this project, investors can do the world a favor while simultaneously making money.

Crypto Carbon Energy developed its project at ERC20 base. CYCE is not a meme token. Its foundation is solid. The company aims to end global warming and plans to use blockchain technology to achieve its goal. According to CYCE, blockchain isn’t dependent on international political games, unlike governments and organizations. Thus, it’s the perfect weapon to wield in this case.

The founders of Crypto Carbon Energy are from Turkey. The company is registered there as well. The team aims to hinder global warming by reducing carbon emissions. Furthermore, they want to ensure that everyone can participate in their support mechanism to help normalize the temperature worldwide.

 How does this project work? 

CYCE supports renewable power plants instead of fossil fuel plants. The project’s goal is to reduce carbon emissions to zero by rewarding renewable energy plants. The platform will also reward those facilities that choose the formers because renewable power plants are not profitable.

Even though CYCE came out with Blockchain technology, it differs from the projects formed on this platform. The company aims to give 80% of the CYCE crypto assets as a reward without charging any fees. It also hopes to increase the value of renewable power plants against fossil fuels.

The company stated that every citizen worldwide could contribute and support its mechanism by simply buying CYCE token. Furthermore, CYCE will soon establish its own blockchain network. The team has already started working on that. Meanwhile, they support all existing crypto wallet infrastructures.

CYCE token is already available. The initial coin offering will end on August 10, 2021. The price is $1 per token, and the company aims to raise 500.000.00 USD with the sale. The total supply of CYCE tokens is, and the platform accepts ETH, BTC, USDT, and TRY in exchange.

PointPay is starting the token sale in two days

How Will CYCE Token Contribute to Stopping Global Warming?  PointPay is one of the hottest tokens currently, and it will be available in two days, on June 30, 2021. The company is launching an ICO sale and will accept BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, EOS, LTC, XLM, BCH, USDT, and TRX in exchange. PXP token’s price will be 0.4 USD during the initial coin offering.

PointPay has been operating since 2018. This blockchain company has already created an all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem of ten fully functional products. The fintech platform offers its customers a full range of financial services within its launched products. At the same time, the PointPay team is working on new products.

PointPay Blockchain-Based Bank is the first establishment worldwide that enables clients to open crypto checking and crypto savings accounts. Customers can earn daily compound interest on their holdings if they open an account in this bank. The interest rate differs depending on the currencies. For instance, it’s 6.1% APR for Bitcoin, 8% APR for dollar stable-coin USDT, 4.6% APR for Ethereum, 5% APR for tokenized gold, and 15% APR for PointPay token PXP.


PointPay crypto loan module is part of the company’s Blockchain-Based Bank. It enables clients to get an instant crypto credit line under the collateral of cryptocurrency assets. As a result, users can avoid paying expensive Ethereum network fees and instead wait until PointPay Native Off-chain Technology confirms blockchain transactions.

In addition, PointPay Native Off-chain technology allows customers to send instant transfers between all the PointPay products. The platform’s Payment System lets users settle the payments with their credit and debit cards as well as ApplePay, SEPA payments, and bank transfers. Thus, everyone can easily buy and sell crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT for USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, RUB, CHF, CAD, AUD, DKK, UAH, SEK, CZK, NOK, etc.

 What other advantages does the platform offer?

PointPay Crypto Exchange offers traders a custom design layout, along with a simplified cryptocurrency conversion options. Furthermore, there is a 50% referral bonus from the system fee on each trade deal, and everyone can earn it.

The company designed its wallet for daily use. User daily gets information about crypto price changes in their portfolio. They can also use Mobile Crypto Banking applications for both Android and iOS.

PXP is the platform’s native utility token and the main payment instrument within the ecosystem. This ERC-20 compliant token ensures the safety of use as well as compatibility with third-party services. Besides, it is integrated into all products of the PointPay ecosystem.

PXP token holders can get access to premium video tutorials with advanced trading strategies on PointPay Crypto School. They can also get a discount on fees for all internal transfers for any digital currency within the ecosystem, up to 40%. Considering all the advantages this platform is offering, it’s not surprising that its token is so in demand. It firmly remained on top of HOT ICO lists for the last several weeks.

SRC ICO is counting down the final days. Is it a good investment? 

The Silk Road Coin also landed on the Hot ICO list recently. However, it will end on July 1, 2021. SRC is trading for 0.9 EUR, and the platform accepts USDT in exchange for its tokens. SRC is an innovative blockchain-powered utility token. LGR Global’s customers use it to access various digital tools and services within the LGR digital trade finance platform.

LGR Global has created a state-of-the-art digital trade finance and money movement system. The latter allows users to improve transparency, reduce costs, and drastically increase transaction and settlement speeds. Furthermore, it ensures industry-leading data security due to its diligence processes.

The company has many advantages, and crypto investors consider it a good investment. Accordingly, its token has a high rating on various platforms.

 What about WellBe Coin? 

WellBe is a new cryptocurrency, and it is dedicated to the Fitness world. The team behind the token and platform offers speed, stability, security, and growth. They presented this global currency as an ideal combination of Blockchain technology.

The company already boasts more than 230 million club members around the world. That means its currency will grow quickly. The fitness industry enables customers to lead healthier lives through sustained growth in key markets. WELB token is the cryptocurrency for this Industry. It is also a Revolution for Fitness.

The emergence of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology marks the beginning of a new era – Community Fitness. WellBe offers investors to get profits by becoming part of its network. The company promises its users a minimum growth of 15% per year.

WellBe plans to achieve its token’s global adoption by various players in the Sport and Fitness industries. The token holders can participate in the platform governance, as well as get access to the most advanced technologies in the field of blockchain. According to the team, WellBe will become the most user-friendly, reliable, and secure platform to use and trade value.

The token’s ICO will continue until July 9, 2021. WELB is an ERC-20 token, and trades for 0.1 EUR per token. A total of 5.000.000 WELB are available for sale.


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