Premarket Gainers: E-commerce stocks to purchase now

Modern technology always looks for the next level of development in a hurry. Those who fail to adapt to changes must expect a broken bridge soon blocking them from making a part of the e-commerce industry game.

Similarly, a stock firm who failed to adapt will critically impact those who invest in them. In this post, we’ll share with you the top e-commerce stocks that you should invest now.

Continue reading now as we elaborate each.


The Chinese e-commerce giant and its biggest triumph is a great choice. During the first quarter this year, Alibaba’s Latin American industry competitor,  MercadoLibre, placed its notable exemplar inclining at about 77 percent. Above all, MercadoLibre reveals a significant earning report during February, skyrocketing share prices in a flash.

The Latin American company adjusted revenue growth at about 62% took analysts and investors in a surprise. The company’s positive economic trend brings them surging results.

Moreover, during March, reports show China has been putting great effort to boost its manufacturing operations since July. As trade conflict still exists between Beijing and Washington, Middle Kingdom economic improvements are to exist longer and can’t easily turn back.

Meanwhile, Alibaba foresees an increase in demand for its upcoming earnings report set in May. Now, this could be a great cue for you to think about investing in Alibaba’s stocks. Keep in mind that this opportunity won’t wait for you any longer now. To sum up and push the argument to invest or not at its end, recently reports shows Alibaba’s stocks inclining by 2 percent. Time for you to think through the Chinese e-commerce giant’s shares.


Can you imagine how many small to medium sized business is trying to find its way to building an online presence nowadays? This idea makes Shopify on the spotlight. A business to business servicing company providing support in establishing online shops, tracking orders, processing transactions, and amazingly do marketing for them.

As of mid-2017, Shopify serves about 500,000 businesses. However now, the record already exceeds 800,000. On its latest quarter, the company gains about 54 percent growth on its revenue, a year over amounting to $343.9 million. In addition, looking at the company’s most gaining sector, merchant solutions business gains about 63 percent amounting to $210.3 million.

In over a year, Shopify’s share price went up by 70 percent. To sum up, most investors thinking Shopify not that profitable yet, it already made a lot of notable growth.

Lululemon Athletica

This last one might not be very familiar to the majority. However, this e-commerce space is within the right place to benefit from the booming online shopping technology.

Just late last week, the company’s shares went up upon its latest quarterly growth. Lululemon’s revenue was up by 26 percent amounting at about $1.17 billion. At the same time, its earnings went up by 80 percent amounting to $1.85 per share.

Moreover, last year, the e-commerce company sales went up by 26 percent. According to Stuart Haselden, COO at Lululemon Athletica, the company’s business in China is “particularly robust.” The company’s e-commerce sales went up by 140 percent in its fourth quarter reports. Looking at the bigger picture, Lululemon supposes its online sales representing about half total revenue within the Middle Kingdom.

Now, which among these top e-commerce company are your guts attached more? Think it through now, because time might not take your side.

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