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Polkamon’s Eggs are Hatching, and Winners will Get Tokens

Polkamon’s IDO with Polkastarter starts today. The company announced that it became encouraged by the amount of interest it received due to the new token. In less than a week, tens of thousands of new fans have joined its platform, aiding its mission to create the most visually appealing NFT universe in the virtual world.


On March 31st at 17:00 CET, users who have managed to claim their egg will find out if they’ve won a ticket to purchase $PMON tokens on Polkastarter.


Polkamon declared that everyone, who wanted to buy its new token, needed to claim their egg from its website, including POLS token holders.


Users had only until March 29th, 4 PM CET to claim eggs. Furthermore, all registered wallets are collected and divided into two pools as part of the egg claiming process – the Wallets holding POLS tokens and those which aren’t.


Polkamon allocated 100 Polkastarter Baby Dragons to the POLS pool. Meanwhile, the community pool would also get 80 Silver Baby Dragon NFTs. However, according to the company, owners of both dragons would get access to participate in the public sale of $PMON Polkastarter. The Mysterious Polkamon Eggs would hatch sometime after 4 PM CET on March 29th to reveal the winners.



In approximately seven hours, winners of these dragons will be able to trade them. The Polkastarter team gets a Polkamon Dragon-holders snapshot, taking place at 8 AM CET on March 31st. They will finalize who can participate in the PMON IDO at 5 PM CET today.


Only 100 ultra-rare Polkastarter Baby Dragons will be minted, thus granting access to the PMON IDO.


What is Polkamon?


Polkamons are animated digital collectibles based on blockchain technology. NFT’s that back up each Polkamon are truly unique. They are indistinguishable from any other NFT, and users can unpack them with $PMON tokens. In fact, the latter is the ERC-20 token on the company’s platform.


Each collectible is authentic, inimitable, and differs in rarity. Users can easily integrate the Polkamon NFT collection into modern art, games, or other blockchain-connected products.

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