Polkalokr Launched the LKR Token. The ICO Started Today

Polkalokr is the first multi-chain token locking & escrow platform that also has built-in privacy functionality. According to the company, its products help build trust within the Defi space by focusing on governance through code and removing the human element. Polkalokr offers a seamless and omni-channel digital experience platform. T is accessible via tablet, mobile, and desktop.

Moreover, Polkalokr plans to put power back into user’s participation. As a highly customizable token locking platform developed for token economies, Polkalokr provides a suite of modular building blocks which customers can use for all needs.

The company noted that it aims to restore trust and simplicity to complex token ecosystems by creating a seamless, omni-channel digital platform with user experience at its core. Its multi-chain token escrow platform puts token distribution into the hands of network users.

The founders want to build the most versatile, multi-chain token locking token solution on the market. They attempt to do that by packaging the complex mechanics suiting any token locking requirement inside a simple-to-use interface.

Thanks to Polkalokr’s flexible and fully customizable framework, DeFi and blockchain economies can offer investors, network participants, and validators a host of payout options, as well as release schedules and monetizing opportunities.

Polkalokr token (LKR) has a wide range of use cases. In fact, the company built it natively for the Polkadot platform. The company is very serious about security, cross-chain functionality, and scalability.

How is LKR trading during the ICO?  

Polkalokr is trading for $0.05 per token. 3,000,000 LKR are available during the initial coin offering, though investors have until tomorrow to buy the tokens.

The Polkalokr platform consists of two main products. These are Lokr and Swapr. Combined, they offer users and token economies within them comprehensive options to distribute, lock, insure, monetize, and swap the tokens that underpin the blockchain and DeFi protocols.

According to Polkalokr, Lokr is the most versatile, multi-chain token escrow worldwide. Furthermore, it will give investors many advantages. The token has cross-chain support through Polkadot, along with fully customizable, flexible release schedules. Meanwhile, Swapr operates based on the P2P, cross-chain token swapping protocol.

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