Paysenger ICO (EGO) Is Still In The Spotlight. Why’s That?

Paysenger, the innovative communication monetization service, is very trending in the world of DeFi, with its native utility token, EGO, taking the spotlight. Initially launched on April 6, 2022, Paysenger has entered another stage of its ICO, but investors have a limited time left to acquire this digital token. The token is priced at 0.05 USD, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000. The platform accepts ETH, USDC, and USDT during the coin offering.

Paysenger aims to create a new communication ethic in a world where the number of connections between users is constantly increasing, yet the volume of attention remains stagnant. With its platform, users can easily connect with media personalities or seek the advice of experts. The key is to pay for the recipient’s attention using EGO tokens or fiat currency. Additionally, customers have the option to convert media content received in response messages into NFTs, which they can store as part of their collection or sell on the internal marketplace for EGO.

The company aims to facilitate trustworthy, direct, and mutually beneficial communication between the community and influencers. By providing a reliable channel to reach the right person and receive a service, Paysenger empowers users to monetize and prioritize their attention towards influencers. Whether users are requesting a chat, a conference, or a simple video greeting, all of these options are conveniently available on the platform.

So, How Does The EGO Token Integrate Into The Paysenger Ecosystem?

EGO serves as the platform’s internal payment instrument, offering users the exclusive ability to buy and sell NFTs and traditional payment methods. Furthermore, individuals can accept payments in EGO, benefiting from the platform’s reduced commission. Investors can also exchange the tokens for fiat currency directly on the platform through the integrated crypto-fiat exchanger, leveraging the current exchange rate of the token. This provides EGO with real-world value beyond the platform.

Investors can also stake EGO tokens to gain profits. As the platform’s internal payment system, EGO is the only accepted currency for buying and selling NFTs on Paysenger. This creates a predictable demand for the token as its liquidity increases with more users utilizing the product. Users can easily purchase EGO coins on the platform using their preferred payment method.

However, in terms of payment commissions, Paysenger has established specific rates. When paying with EGO, the commission stands at 5%. Meanwhile, fiat currency or BUSD and BNB tokens incur a 20% commission. Moreover, people can use EGO tokens for domestic NFT sales, and users have the option to tokenize content from influencers as NFTs.

So, How Does The EGO Token Integrate Into The Paysenger Ecosystem?

Is Token Staking An Option?

To ensure fairness and equitable distribution of the platform’s income, Paysenger will implement token staking mechanics and token burning mechanisms. These measures will grant users and influencers access to privileges, bonuses, and a share of the platform’s revenue. With an experienced team and a well-developed roadmap, Paysenger presents an array of exciting opportunities for users and investors alike.

Overall, Paysenger ICO (EGO) is making significant strides in the realm of DeFi, revolutionizing communication monetization. With the introduction of the EGO token, the company offers a seamless experience for users seeking direct connections with influencers. The token’s integration into the platform’s ecosystem, along with its staking and commission structures, further enhances its value and utility.

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