OpiPets is in the spotlight. What does OPIP offer?

OpiPets is a new exciting platform that offers interesting gameplay with advanced features. The game is free-to-play, so, users won’t need to pay any fees to enjoy this platform. Moreover, the team also incorporated a play-to-earn model. Thus, players will have a chance to win cryptocurrencies while playing OpiPets. The game comes with various interesting functions. Participants will be able to create pets, fight in battles, and collect or exchange OpiPet NFTs. Each non-fungible token is unique and has a market value. Users can buy or sell them on the platform’s marketplace and earn a passive income.

The company focuses on gameplay. However, it also wants to enable its community members to participate in various Defi markets. Besides, the company will encourage customers to use the shops created for exchanging in-game items. The players will also benefit by becoming more entangled in Defi space. They will have a chance to build their wealth by earning OpiPets’ in-game tokens without spending money to purchase them.

This project is quite interesting. It offers various aspects of P2E gaming, including mini-games, PvP ranked leaderboards, NFT minting, breeding mechanics, and native tokens as game rewards. The team also developed unique features. It will offer great benefits to incentivize more players.

Furthermore, OpiPets will launch its governance token – OPIP, on February 23, 2023. The sale will end on February 24, 2023. The price of this BEP-20 token will be $0.12 during the initial coin offering. The total supply of tokens is 500,000,000. However, only 14% will be available for purchase at this stage. The team aims to raise $2,400,000 by exchanging OPIP.

How will OpiPets use the non-fungible tokens?

NFTs, also known as Non-Fungible Tokens, are becoming more and more popular. These digital tokens offer ownership of unique digital assets. Each NFT is one of a kind, and it can’t be copied. People can mint into NFTs almost anything: digital artwork, music, MP3s, images, video files, and so on. As creators tokenize NFTs on a blockchain, anyone can find out about their current ownership and see their sales history. Non-fungible tokens are taking a great chunk of the Defi market, and they bring substantial profits often. Of course, there are also NFTs that have little value, but they still make decent investments in some cases. It’s not necessary to have thousands or millions to become NFTs owners.

OpiPets decided to use the NFT’s advantages. However, it also took a fresh approach to them. Players will get standard in-game characters at first. But after they move forward in the game and level up their characters, their pets will acquire special abilities. Once the gamer becomes ready to participate in battles with other players, they will be able to mint their character as a non-fungible token. It will be unique as no one will mint another pet with the same appearance and ability traits.

Furthermore, if players want to upgrade their pet NFTs, they will have to burn their current token first. They can easily accomplish that by sending their token to an inaccessible wallet address. After that, users will be able to update their characters. They will just need to mint a new cooler version of their pet.


How will OpiPets use the non-fungible tokens?

What about the platform’s second token – OPI?

The OpiPets team believes that using one token for both in-game and governance purposes affects its performance negatively. In such cases, investors and speculators can easily influence the token, even if they don’t play the game. The company wants to avoid such an end. That’s why it created two different tokens.

OPIP will take on the role of the governance token, while OPI will serve as the platform’s utility coin. The company hopes that such an approach will protect the game’s community from speculators who only want to profit and don’t care about the actual gameplay. The team noted that investors often try to create high volatility to generate more profit. Such occurrences can impact the value that players earn by participating in various game activities.

OpiPets aims to protect its community from the typical mistakes of so many traditional Play-and-earn models. Such games are often exposed to speculators and external price manipulation. However, the company will guarantee that its users will enjoy price stability.

Players can use the OPI token to purchase in-game items, including eggs. Thanks to the latter, they can incubate new pets. Thus, they are valued purchases. They can also acquire various useful items for battles, giving the pets more advantages than their opponents. Participants can earn OPI tokens by playing the game or trading in the marketplace. They will start the game with no tokens, though. They will need to earn each OPI by completing various tasks. Moreover, this token has value outside the OpiPets economy. Users can withdraw them and sell them on exchanges.

How many tokens will be available throughout the game?

According to the team, OPI’s supply could be infinite. But it plans to mint 250,000,000.00 tokens initially. The company will add that supply to the game’s liquidity pool. At least 50,000,000 OPI will always stay in the liquidity pool, as that is the minimum balance necessary to maintain it.

OpiPets wants to enable users to participate in the platform’s development, as well. Hence, the OPIP token. It will allow its holders to propose new ideas and vote on the various decisions. The company stated that it wouldn’t have any upfront fees. Instead, it plans to make its game as easily accessible as possible for a wide range of players.

That is one of the reasons the company decided to build its game on the Binance Smart Chain. This blockchain offers great advantages to customers compared to its rivals. After the OpiPets team finishes testing the economics and the game’s mechanics, it will start the fully interactive AAA 3D Opiverse development. The final stage will be the Virtual Reality OpiPets game’s release. The team will introduce three models – Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality. All three will be available on applications.

Overall, this game has a lot to recommend it. It offers interesting gameplay and advanced features, along with a chance to earn a profit.


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