General Information
Broker Name:
Broker Type: Forex
Country: The Commonwealth of Dominica
Operating since year: 2019
Address: Cnr ld and Church St, Roseau, P.O. Box 2290, The Commonwealth of Dominica.
Broker status:Active
Customer Service
Phone: +441758688512
Email:[email protected]
Languages:English, German
Availability: 24/5
Trading platforms:MT4
Trading platform Time zone: GMT +2
Demo account: YES
Mobile trading: YES
Web-based trading: YES
Bonuses: N/A
Other trading instruments: YES
Minimum deposit ($):$250
Maximal leverage: 1:300
Spread: YES
Scalping allowed: YES

OnlineMarketShare Review 2020


OnlineMarketShare Review Contents:

  1. General Information;
  2. Funds Trading And Security;
  3. Trading Accounts;
  4. The Trading Conditions;
  5. Trading Platform;
  6. OnlineMarketShare’s Trading Products;
  7. Customer Service;
  8. OnlineMarketShare Review Conlusion

OnlineMarketShare Review, OnlineMarketShare Review


OnlineMarketShare is a relatively fresh broker, established only recently. It has been providing quality brokerage services ever since. The broker is located in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Finding an honest broker in a sea of scams can be a daunting task. However, OnlineMarketShare seems to be one of the rare good ones. They’re a rare example of a broker that hasn’t had any mishaps since they were founded, which is quite a large boost for their reputation. But besides being secure, they also provide a great experience overall.

Now, there aren’t a ton of OnlineMarketShare reviews out there, so it might be hard to make up your mind about them. So, we’re here to help, with a concise list of some of their strong points.

OnlineMarketShare Review, OnlineMarketShare Review


OnlineMarketShare.com is a great place to start out due to a multitude of reasons. They provide an excellent service that’s a great starting point for anyone. Additionally, their knowledge database is vast and lets you improve your skill level in no-time.

Their FAQ holds the most commonly asked questions and misconceptions about trading, while their glossary is full of trading terms and can serve as a quick reminder. Read through those two sections, and you’ll be a capable buyer or seller already.


Many other firms opt to increase their profit by taping additional costs on deposits, withdrawals, or in the worst cases, both. Those extra costs don’t seem like a huge deal, as they often hover around 2%. However, that number, as low as it may seem, is quite important when planning around a long-term profit.

Coming out on top over an extended period of time becomes much harder when you need to give out part of your profit each time you deposit or withdraw. What you’re essentially doing is playing against a stacked deck. That becomes especially noticeable when you get into higher sums of money. Luckily, there are no fees to worry about with OnlineMarketShare.com.


The broker has a sleek, modern-looking website, which is quite pleasing to look at. Oftentimes, you’ll see brokers clutter their sites with ads or needless scrolling images that obstruct what you actually want to see. That makes those web pages an eyesore and adds a needless layer of complexity to navigating them.

Appearance is a matter of taste, but functionality isn’t. Even if you don’t like the minimalistic approach that OnlineMarketShare takes our review thinks there’s no denying that all the needed info is clearly laid out and easily accessible.


OnlineMarketShare Review, OnlineMarketShare Review

Since we can’t double-check the licenses and regulations for this OnlineMarketShare.com review due to them being so new, we can’t confirm anything.  For now, let’s say that they might be regulated since in all of our reviews we give the brokers a benefit of the doubt.

What we value more than regulators, however, is the fact that they have a clean slate as far as issues go. It’s almost impossible to find a broker without at least a small transgression, and even the largest online brokers have had their fair share of hiccups. As such, our Onlinemarketshare.com review values their practical honesty more than regulation, which quite often seems unreliable.

We’re sure they’ll fix their lack of a regulator in the near future, but even with that, we’d say OnlineMarketShare.com is a secure company.


Our OnlineMarketShare review and research show that they provide options for demo accounts. However, if you want to be a real trader we advise you to start with a small live account,  as the investment for live accounts isn’t enormous.

As far as the live accounts go, there are four tiers you can choose from, aptly named after various precious metals. The weakest account is Bronze and is good for its pricing, while the strongest, which is the Platinum account, gives the most loyal customers a noticeable advantage as far as spreads go. And while we are there, spreads are nearly the only thing that changes between different account types.

What that means is no matter how much money you’re willing to spend, you’ll always end up with an amazing experience. Sure Platinum users might be at an advantage, but OnlineMarketShare doesn’t make the same mistake others do in crippling their features for lower-tier accounts. That leads to a steady balance between providing enough incentive for people to invest in better accounts and not making it feel necessary. We consider this to be a huge advantage in our Online Market Share reviews.

OnlineMarketShare Review, OnlineMarketShare Review

Here are some of the specifications the live accounts provide:


  • Minimum deposit: $250
  • Leverage: 1:300
  • Spread: From 2.8 pips
  • Trade size: from 0,01
  • Unlimited open positions


  • Minimum deposit: $2000
  • Leverage: 1:300
  • Spread: From 2.5 pips
  • Trade size: from 0,01
  • Unlimited open positions


  • Minimum deposit: $10000
  • Leverage: 1:300
  • Spread: From 1.5 pips
  • Trade size: from 0,01
  • Unlimited open positions


  • Minimum deposit: $50000
  • Leverage: 1:300
  • Spread: From 0.1 pips
  • Trade size: from 0,01
  • Unlimited open positions

OnlineMarketShare Review, OnlineMarketShare Review


OnlineMarketShare’s conditions are nothing short of excellent, as almost everything they provide points towards a balanced service. Their leverage, for example, is set at 1:300 for all account types. That’s a great number if you want some assistance, but don’t want to get carried away. Their spreads are also similar between most account types, with Platinum standing out (as it should when you consider the cost).

Which leads to our next point, which is in regard to different account types. There’s something for each level of investing, and progressing through account types seems more like a luxury than a necessity. We and other Onlinemarketshare.com reviews will tell you how important it is not to feel like you have to upgrade to higher account tiers. After all, we all need to start from somewhere, and people that want to start off by investing $50000 are scarce.

Additionally, it’s hard not to mention security when trading conditions are concerned. Many refuse to go near a broker without a good reputation, and for a good reason. The number of scam companies has risen over the years, raising the overall caution level. Luckily, we think the OnlineMarketShare review proves that it’s definitely a broker worth trusting.


OnlineMarketShare Review, OnlineMarketShare Review

OnlineMarketShare didn’t decide to experiment with its platform, as many new traders do. Instead, they went with the tried and tested MetaTrader4. And we support them fully in that decision, as there are not many ways to improve upon the MT4 formula. The platform is quick, works on older devices, and is easy to adapt to and operate.

However, don’t let the ease of access fool you into thinking it’s a beginner’s toy. There’s also a ton of tools that help you conduct market analysis, which can help even the most experienced traders. In addition to that, there’s also a web client that you can access even from devices where you can’t download the actual platform. It loses very little in terms of functionality, and syncs with other MT4 instances, so you aren’t missing out on anything.

Lastly, there’s a mobile client which you can use to trade remotely. All you need to do is download the app for free via the Google Play, Apple App, or Microsoft online stores, connect to the internet, and you’re good to go. This is a huge plus, and we consider it to be a very important aspect of our OnlineMarketShare review.


The next thing we need to mention in our OnlineMarketShare review is the great trading products they provide. Overall, there are 145 assets you can use to trade, and there’s a great variety between them. Digital currencies are missing, but many experts recommend against trading on them due to their unstable nature anyway. Here’s, however, a shortlist of what you actually can trade:

  • Fifty currency pairs- There’s a healthy variety of currency pairs to choose from, including some of the most prominent variations, such as EUR/USD, USD/CAD, and GBP/USD.
  • Spot energies – The broker has all the energy options you’ve come to expect, with brent, crude oil, and natural gas options present on their website.
  • Spot metals – There are also precious metals to be bought and sold, represented by the two most common options, silver, and gold.
  • The spot shares – Without shares, a broker would be barely called functional. Luckily, OnlineMarketShare lets you buy and sell fractions of the world’s most famous companies. Apple, Amazon, Google, and Tesla are only some of the names that appear in their selection.



The support team at OnlineMarketShare is quick with their responses and quite pleasant. To answer the question, Is OnlineMarketShare scam? We say no. You can reach them via phone or email ticket. There’s also a form on their website you can fill out, but that just seems like it sends an email with what you wrote down. The lack of a live chat option is unfortunate, but you won’t need to rely on support that much anyway.

Phone number: +441758688512

Email: [email protected]

OnlineMarketShare Review, OnlineMarketShare Review

Is OnlineMarketShare Scam? Not At All.

There are a few flaws with OnlineMarketShare.com that might deter you, however, most of those can be chalked up to them being a new broker. We’re sure that they’ll correct those things sooner rather than later, but even in the meantime, the quality of their service overshadows the negatives.

They’ve got a great trading platform, and are of great help to beginners overall. The trading conditions are leveled across accounts, meaning you don’t need to invest insane sums to get a quality experience. Their reputation is pristine, so you don’t need to worry about anything shady going on behind the scenes.

We believe that the broker definitely provides a service that’s worth trying out over many competitors. So feel free to sign up, get verified, and start turning a steady profit. We hope that our review for OnlineMarketShare helped and that you agree that they are not a scam. We believe in this new broker.

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