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Omri Shafran, Legit? – A Closer Look at speculations around the glove machine


The ongoing Covid pandemic, with all its horrible consequences, has had one bright point. Namely, it’s brought about rapid improvement in the field of medicine. That’s evident by the time it took to develop vaccines and many other advancements in the medical field. One such area is medical technology, which has seen a ton of innovation and the introduction of useful tools. However, with the desperate need for innovation also come those who try and profit at all costs from the situation.

texas medical technlogy Omri Shafran

A possible example could be Omri Shafran, the CEO of Texas Medical Technology. The company deals with suppling medical PPE and related technology. As we all know, proper protection protocols are quite crucial for Covid prevention.


Who Owns What?

So why the concern? Through an online investigation, questions have arisen concerning the latest business venture involving Omri Shafran. Texas Medical Technology is one entity of a group of connected businesses. The company and several others, including Texas medical Manufacturing, Texas Tec Health, and iNitrile, all share the same business address, contact details, and controlling officers – this is not unheard of but unusual. The company iNitrile and its claims prompted a closer look.

Below is a screenshot from Texas Tech Health’s website (captured in March 2021).

Texas Tec Health and iNitrile all share the same business address, contact details and controlling officers Fig.1

Take note of the machine and the name of the machine boxed in red. Below is the same product “iNitrile” now on its own website from June 2021.

When you enter this website, you will see the appearance of the machine is entirely different.

Texas Tec Health and iNitrile all share the same business address, contact details and controlling officers


The video linked below released by iNitrile in September 2021 shows a machine similar but much lower production standard. According, to press releases by the PR company for iNitrile earlier this year, this machine is a third-generation prototype.

Click the link to see:

So why does the machine clearly look like much better quality and so different in the first pictures than its later photos only a few months later?

It has been recently uncovered that the first picture is of a patented Surgical Glove donning machine with nearly identical features as the “iNitrile.” Furthermore, this machine already exists, has passed all the R&D phases, and is currently about to go into mass production.

Allegedly, the company that owns the machine and patent has nothing to do with Omri Shafran, his group of companies or any of his partners. We reached out to the company that owns the machine (fig. 1) for comment, but they would only say that Ormi Shafran did have a meeting with them in 2020. However, the company did not want to continue any further dealing with Mr. Shafran or his group. The company did not want to comment further due to ongoing legal processes about this case. For this reason, we have omitted the company name at this time.

In 2020 Omri Shafran had a meeting with a company that has developed a new Surgical Glove Donning machine. Still, then suddenly, at the beginning of 2021, he began advertising “his own” machine. But the images he used on his website are of a machine (fig.1) that is patented and owned by the company from a previous meeting. Now that is a red flag!

Omri Shafran – Suspicious Red Flags

There are two different machines on his websites, so where did the new machine we see in fig.2 originate from? Who owns it? Is this an infringing patent copy? At this moment it is still not clear. However, to produce a third-generation prototype in such a condensed frame of time does not add up. Another red flag!

In the videos on their website and YouTube, we only see a partial operation of one of the most crucial phases, which is the donning of the glove? Just before the glove is put on, the video cuts away. No other features are shown in live operations. In fact, from there on out, there are only computer-generated animations. Red flag again!

When we look at the press releases from the PR company Omri Shafran is using, he claims to have secured a $33m investment for this project. So, in less than a year iNitrile starts with someone else’s patented and functioning machine and leaves it up on their website, then changes to graphic of another machine on the iNitrile website, and then offers a third-generation prototype of a machine? With the obvious changes and down-grade in quality of the machine they are now promoting, it quite frankly raises the question of what the $33m is being spent on? Red flag!

In addition to the investment claims, stolen images, possible patent infringement, and not really showing that the current machine is anywhere near to the stage of development they say it is, he and his business partners claim to have over 300 employees at their facility in Houston Texas. We found out the address connected to the companies has only 30-50 employees, with no capability to produce such a complicated piece of technology.


What can we speculate and conclude from all of the information above?

There are just too many questions about this project and Omri Shafran. But the biggest worry for any investor should be the legal ramifications if it is in fact a case of patent infringement. Allegedly,  project could have become halted, leaving investors’ money tied up indefinitely while litigation proceedings are ongoing.

This is an ongoing case, and we will continue to provide updates.


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