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 OIL, GRAND and ALFA ranked as hottest ICOs – Market wrap

OIL token is already popular, even though its sale began today. Oiler recently announced that its native token OIL would become available for investors on May 6, 2021. Oiler Protocol provides instruments for trading, as well as betting on changes in blockchain protocol parameters. Its team has built a Google Sheet, allowing customers to build potential scenarios regarding the OIL token’s price evolution.

Oiler’s Liquidity Bootstrapping Event (LBP) will occur today, around 1 PM UTC. LBPs are not widely spread in the DeFi market yet. Nonetheless, the team thinks that LBPs should be a standard when it comes to token launch.

Oiler’s LBP will begin with a token price of $0.75. That means a $75 million fully diluted valuation, with the capacity to go as low as the seed price of $0.07, a $7 million fully diluted valuation. According to the company, it will add 1,775,000 tokens or 1.775% of the total supply of Oiler to the LBP.

The team has been working on a product that will bring more hedging capacities to investors trading in decentralized markets during the past months. They are now planning to open up their Alpha on Ropsten to selected users while collecting feedback.

When will Oiler launch its product?

Oiler stated that it is not ready to launch its product yet. Still, the team decided to go forward with their LBP so they could start onboarding a community of alpha testers.

The company intends to release its mainnet after concluding a complete audit and conducting more user testing. Despite that, investors can already join their Discord servers. Soon they will be able to try out the beta of the product on Ropsten, as well.

In the Google Sheet, users can find everything relevant regarding OIL’s private sale, as well as the LBP and the first month of trading. Oiler stated that it is acting in the most transparent way to make sure that anyone can pursue their own scenarios prior to the LBP.

Customers can modify all the green cells in the Gsheet. However, the team warned that users shouldn’t touch the yellow cells while the blue cells are constants.

Grandle DeFi’s ICO token also made it on the hot list

 OIL, GRAND and ALFA ranked as hottest ICOs – Market wrap Grandle offers excellent data coordination to support blockchain’s decentralization and enhance security. Besides, it is highly programmable considering that it streamlines activities and paves the way for new digital assets. Grandle’s approach to smart contracts enables users to have easier access to important data, which is indispensable in the Blockchain network.

Customers benefit from the provision of enhanced liquidity, as well as better yield farming capabilities. Furthermore, the platform backs that with an effective token system that allows crypto investors and yield farmers to maximize their financial earnings. Grandle’s robust distribution methods ensure that there are no disruptions to on-chain activities in its ecosystem.

Grandle has launched its token recently, but it has already ranked very high. The company offers a total of 90000000 GRAND, and it accepts ETH, BTC, TRX, LTC, BNB, XRP, and USDT in exchange.

The platform’s decentralized finance capabilities also utilize a smart chain network. The latter is actively revolutionizing the crypto world. Besides, this program allows easy interoperability between various platforms, and it boosts the users’ economic gains.

Grandle offers impressive features 

The company offers its customers extensive application possibilities through various use cases. Grandle boasts an impressive structure that lays the groundwork for developers to launch their applications by using real-time data insights. The platform offers unique opportunities for discovery and analysis, as well as decision-making.

The use cases are various. They are also far-reaching in terms of their collective impact on customers. From derivatives and DAOs to Dex’s and Margin Trading, the possibilities are endless. Grandle builds an unshakeable foundation for all people immersed in the world of blockchain.

The company plans to launch various products soon, including (Dex Exchange), (DeFi Dapp), (Marketplace for digital goods), (Cross-Chain Swap), (NFT platform), and (CEX Exchange).

GRAND token’s presale will continue till July 15, 2021. The token holders will get various benefits on the platform.

AlfaPocket also launched its native token

AlfaPocket launched its native token recently. This platform offers investors a built-in AI Assistant to boost their APY higher by 30%. AlfaPocket started this year. Its team has a clear vision of bringing the simplicity of auto investment to the complex world of cryptocurrency investments.

According to the team, an initiative came from real necessity on the market. They have a true passion for facilitating retail investors with various ways to maximize gains while minimizing unnecessary losses. Furthermore, AlfaPocket aims to help crypto users worldwide to stay up to date with the constant evolution of the DeFi space.

AlfaPocket offers customers various features, such as AI Assistant, automatic portfolio builder, personal trade suggestions, and copy trades.

The platform’s AI Assistant analyses financial markets and uses trading signals, market news, and updates to increase investors’ profits.

Meanwhile, its automatic portfolio builder enables experienced users to build a solid cryptocurrency portfolio in just minutes. The team designed Actionable Tradable Suggestions aiming to maximize users’ gains and minimize their losses by monitoring their positions and suggesting trades.

What about Core Foundation?

Splyt Core’s native token is already among the hot ICO’s even though it was launched recently. Powered by POLKADOT, it is first Shoppable E-Comm NFT infrastructure (eNFT). The team built it aiming to turbo-charge decentralized e-commerce & finance markets.

Splyt’s E-commerce-Non-Fungible-Token or eNFT tokenizes off-chain products on the blockchain. It streamlines digital sales while also enabling lifetime product data tracking. The eNFT empowers an e-commerce ecosystem that is more transparent.

Every product the platform offers is assigned a unique eNFT. The latter eliminates the double-sell problem with live-updating inventory tracking, which is enabled across all online stores.

The eNFT also acts as a digital proof of authenticity. It carries sales history and metadata. Additionally, it delivers data points across the lifetime of a product in the resale market.

Splyt’s Transmission Control Protocol for E-commerce Non-Fungible Tokens creates a universal, standardized protocol for how funds and data are shared securely between all parties in e-commerce transactions. ALFA token is already available in ICO trading. Investors can buy it until May 7th, 2021.

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