Notifi and Notebook protocols are in the spotlight. Why’s that?


Notifi is a new project that offers innovative services. It is rapidly becoming popular on the market. The company created a great application. Defi users can easily register on its platform. After creating an account on the website, the customers will be able to add alerts for blockchain events.

There is also Notifi API. Thanks to it, any user can receive notifications for any changes occurring on every supported blockchain. The company offers multiple ways to access its services. It is available on both the web and mobile. Besides, Notifi encourages 3rd party integrations.

The platform enables 3rd party dApps to leverage its SDK. It also allows direct APIs. Thus, users can easily log in from within the dApp. However, the company will compartmentalize all customers along with their data to the Defi applications. The latter won’t be able to share this information across tenancies. It’s secure, with the team employing high-level safety measures.

Notifi plans to offer app owners a new service – they will be able to log in and manage what sort of notifications are accessible to their users. The company will also add other features in the coming months. This platform is fairly new and is still in the development phase. However, the team also created the project’s native utility token and will launch it soon. So users can get ready to grab it once the ICO sale starts.


What does the Notebook project offer?  

Notebook is another interesting project. Defi users often “fragment” their identity to protect their anonymity on public blockchains. Moreover, they use different wallet addresses for different activities. That is accepted behavior as it’s intended to protect people from scammers or various nefarious schemes.

For example, anyone can find information about the BTC owners, but they will get this info in a coded way. Only the owner knows the name behind the identification number. Anonymity is one of the main attractions of blockchain, along with the ability to move or use your money whenever and however you wish without any intermediaries.

The Notebook team created this project to help users to protect their anonymity. It will enable people to fragment their identity while simultaneously ensuring that customers can prove their humanity with any fragmented identity. Furthermore, the company will make it impossible to link these identities together. So, no one will be able to discover the user’s identity unless the latter shares their key. In fact, the team claims that third parties or adversaries cannot link a fragmented identity to the customers’ real-world identity.

The platform can easily aggregate credentials across identities. Each human will get a single set of fragmented identities. However, the company doesn’t cater to bots. So, it will ensure that its clients are definitely humans. The users can use their identities to participate in various activities or trade on safe NFT marketplaces.

Overall, the company’s services are very useful. It also has a utility token that will offer its holders great advantages. The Notebook team is currently developing the platform. It has already introduced its roadmap, though.


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