NFTouring’s ICO (NFTR) is in the spotlight. Why’s that? 

An online racing game, NFTouring, will launch its hot native token soon. This company utilizes blockchain technologies to offer players a high-profile, advanced platform. Its graphics are vibrant and interesting, while gameplay offers an exciting and immersive experience. Players have to manage a deck of cards. If they do that correctly, they can overcome various obstacles strategically on the tracks. The platform allows users to create their own decks. For that, they can choose cards from a wide variety provided on the website. Moreover, the game contains tracks located all over the world. Players can try out different ones to see which is their favorite. Besides, differences among the tracks make the game more exciting. A new track means new adventures.

However, at this stage, the team is still working on the platform’s development. That means more excitement is in store for loyal users. The company will add more advanced features and tools to make the game even more interesting. The NFTouring team has big plans and hopes that the ICO sale will help it to realize them.

NFTouring decided to launch its ICO in three stages. The second ICO sale started on April 16, 2023, and it’s live now. However, this stage will end on May 6, 2023, and the third one will start on May 7, 2023. It will last until June 1, 2023. Currently, 1 NFTR is trading for 0.03 EUR, but its price will increase in the third stage, reaching 0.05 EUR.

NFTR is a high-ranking token; it attracted much attention on various ICO listing platforms. The total supply of coins is 4 000 000 000. The platform accepts ETH, BNB, USDC, EUR, and MATIC in exchange for NFTR.

How can the token holders use this token? 

NFTR has many useful utilities. It plays a very important role in the NFTouring ecosystem. The team noted that the token has numerous and varied use cases, adding that it will provide gamers with an engaging and enriched experience.

For instance, users will be able to purchase special cards with NFTR tokens. These cards will help them significantly improve their performance in races and gain advantages over their rivals. Besides, they can customize their card deck by using special ones.

In addition, the native tokens will enable players to access exclusive features that aren’t available for free. For that, they will need to purchase tokens and use them to unlock exclusive features and other special perks within the gameplay. That includes special tracks, vehicle skins, and glamorous events. However, the latter is accessible for a limited time only.

NFTouring plans to organize special competitions and events, but users can only participate in them if they own the $NFTR tokens. These events are beneficial, though, because players will have a chance to earn additional rewards.

What about NFT trading? 

NFTouring isn’t a typical gaming platform that focuses only on gameplay. The team decided to use blockchain to offer more advantages to its customers. One of these is NFT trading. In traditional games, users buy in-game items, but they can’t use them outside the game ecosystem. So, essentially, they pay their hard-earned money for a short-lived gaming experience.

That isn’t the case at the NFTouring platform. It actually offers in-game items that are also non-fungible tokens. As a result, users can sell or trade them on the NFT marketplace and earn profit. Consequently, you aren’t wasting money; you are investing it.

NFTouring offers users its own NFT marketplace. Players can buy, sell or trade their non-fungible tokens there. That includes cards, both usually and special, and other in-game collectibles. The $NFTR token will be an exchange currency on this platform, though. So, players will need it to trade.

The company will also offer NFTRs as rewards for various accomplishments. Users will be able to earn them by achieving specific goals, winning races, or attending promotional events.

One more benefit is liquidity and staking pools. Token holders will be able to stake their NFTRs, as well as provide them with various liquidity pools. As a result, they will earn passive rewards. This activity will also support the platform.

NFTouring has great plans. It aims to become one of the best gaming platforms on the market. The team believes that the NFTR will help it to achieve that goal.

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