Nexus introduced its hot token, XOXO. Don’t miss it 


NEXUS is a new innovative platform. The team chooses the project’s name due to its aspiration to become a nexus within finance. It plans to combine the two largest traditional markets in the world, the Stock Market and the Real Estate Market, with the new but rapidly growing cryptocurrency market. The NEXUS platform will offer the services and advantages available on all of these three. However, unlike traditional markets, the company will use advanced Defi technology. Thus, it will provide its customers with unique benefits.

Furthermore, the team will implement tokenization, along with utilizing blockchain. It aims to unify three markets into a single, merged one. That’s not an easy task, but NEXUS has the potential to achieve it. Thanks to tokenization, the team will be able to remove the traditional barriers to entry. More importantly, it can bypass things like multiple KYC applications, high Capital requirements, and various usability issues.

Project NEXUS’ investors will be able to use Real Estate Tokens, as well as cryptocurrencies and derivatives, as collateral for immediate payout crypto loans. The company has flexible repayment options. Besides, the borrower can choose the most convenient plan according to their finances. NEXUS Mobile App is convenient and easy to use. It also boasts a beautiful interface and advanced features.

The company plans to launch its native utility token, XOXO, on April 1, 2023. The sale will end on June 30, 2023. The total supply of tokens is XOXO is quite trending currently. It got a high ranking on several ICO listing platforms.

According to the NEXUS team, only whitelisted investors will be able to participate in Private Sale. They can sell 20% of their allocation in a public sale later.




What is PLAIX, and why is it in the spotlight? 

PLAIX is another interesting project that attracted investors’ attention recently. The founder team created this ecosystem to enable communities, brands, and guilds to share value with people. It will also enable more liquidity in the metaverse.

This project aims to make the distribution of the value of community around various brands and businesses much easier. The ecosystem will use blockchain technology and smart contracts to achieve its goals. It will provide communities access to virtual assets, reward loyalty, and offer more liquidity to communities.

Nowadays, communities are the driving power of humankind. People create or join them all the time. Brands, companies, opinion leaders, animal defenders – all of them have their own communities and followers both in the real and virtual worlds. And sometimes, borders blur between these two. The PLAIX team believes that community members can get even more value from becoming part of something bigger than the individual.

However, communities often struggle to see and scale their value after the euphoria of the first creation lessens. But each person is important in the community, contributing to its development. There are various ways, such as completing some tasks, brainstorming, sharing knowledge, and promoting the community, and all of those are meaningful. Unfortunately, sometimes members don’t feel that their contribution is seen and valued. PLAIX wants to obliterate such feelings. It aims to show all members how important their part is.

This project will also help to create value for users and enable communities to build new governance. It will provide various reward and monetization schemes and offer ideas for better content or discussion. As a result, users will be able to better customize and empower their community.


What about the PLAIX token’s ICO sale? 

The company launched its native token on July 1, 2022. The sale will end on April 17, 2023. $PLAIX is a trending token. Its price is relatively low now, but it will likely increase after the initial coin offering ends.

The team has based the PLAIX platform on blockchain technology. It will provide customers with various digital services. For instance, PLAIX users will be able to create community-owned digital assets, develop better engagement, reward and monetize their community, launch staking for the community and blended assets, get access to liquidity from the investors, or launch smart contracts.

PLAIX aims to take communities to the next level in a new, advanced era. While this goal isn’t easy to achieve, the platform offers different products covering the major needs for both the development and growth of communities. The company will provide bots to access digital assets and a GameFi product, allowing the creation of in-game community assets, along with a community management dashboard and a bridge for integrating external developments. The team plans to add more features in the future. It will continue developing the project to offer its customers more useful features.  


What are the platform’s main advantages? 

PLAIX is a well-diversified platform that offers quality services. It’s fast, convenient, and easy to navigate, even for amateur users. The company focuses on creating an accountable value inside the community, and using the blockchain for that purpose is a genius step, considering the opportunities the latter offers.

Besides, the team developed PLAIX Community Central, Bots, PLAIX Defi, and PLAIX GameFi, as well as its own marketplace, to cater to customers’ every need in one place. Community Central is based on the web3 tool, created specifically for communities and DAOs to manage, develop, monetize, engage, and incentivize various communities.

The team also provides interfaces for communities to operate with digital assets in messengers, blogs, and other conversational solutions. PLAIX will also enable customers to utilize community and organizational tokens. As a result, members will be able to get profit from their brand tokens and attract liquidity.

Besides, users can create in-game assets, gain additional income, and share them with their community. On the PLAIX marketplace, people can trade virtual and physical assets and services. Monetizing a community, organization, company, or brand will eventually bring even more profit.

According to the PLAIX team, many communities have the same problems nowadays, such as the passivity of community members, lack of growth, no monetization, high maintenance cost, and other money issues. Maintaining the community also takes lots of time and effort. However, PLAIX wants to overcome all these obstacles and, instead, show its customers the advantages of being part of the community.


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