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New iOS 14.5 is now available to download

iOS 14.5 – the long-awaited operating system update has just arrived.

It comes with many game-changing new features, but so far, the most amazing is ATT – App Tracking Transparency. This anti-tracking technology has been causing a massive fight between Facebook and Apple over the last few months.

On Monday, iOS 14.5 – the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, finally arrived. After its product launch event last Tuesday, Apple said the updated iOS would come soon this week, with the new Apple AirTag tracker devices.

This new technology that iOS 14.5 offers is a big win for privacy on iPhone. The new privacy feature will give you an option whether you want to allow apps or websites to track your activity. It will look like a notification asking if you would like to allow X to track your activity in other apps and websites. You will have an option to Allow or Not To Track.

When you state your position that you don`t want to allow apps to track your activity, they will not have access to the IDFA.  It is a unique code assigned to you to track the use of your device. App developers can not track you in other ways, for example, using your email address.

New features coming with new iOS

However, if you don’t want to see the pop-up notification about this, you can get in your Privacy Settings by changing Allow Apps to Request to Track to Off.

This stunning new privacy feature also comes with the ability to unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch.
Apple’s iOS 14.5 is undoubtedly a game-changer in terms of privacy. Also, it seems interesting how this will affect Android phones. Will Google follow this suit as well?
In September, Apple launch iOS 14, accompanying the release of the iPhone 12. Usually, new versions of the mobile operating system with new features and bug fixes arrive once a month. But Apple released the latest version, iOS 14.4, in January. However, iOS 14.5 is a more significant update that took longer to arrive.
This latest version of iOS includes new features that make it easier to unlock your phone while wearing a mask if you also own an Apple Watch. Also, there is a change of new voice options for Siri, which will no longer be a default female voice.

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