Naviern’s ICO (NVRN) is in the spotlight. Why’s that?

Move-to-earn applications took the markets by storm several months ago and are still popular. Naviern is a bit different, but it falls into a similar category. These apps enable users to earn tokens by staying active and exercising. For example, you can run, jog, or work out in the gym and earn points while moving. After hitting some score, the platform will reward you with an NFT token. Such projects strongly encourage maintaining healthy lifestyles and want to incentivize their customers by offering them profits, but most of them are far from altruistic. The founders also profit handsomely in the process. So, this is a win-win situation unless you come along with the scam. But that is another subject altogether. Everyone knows that Defi space is littered with scam projects, and they should remain vigilant to avoid losing their money to criminals.

While scammers remain a nuisance, the Defi world is much broader. It is also very profitable for those who have the courage to learn more about it and take a risk to invest in promising projects. Naviern is one of them. This navigation & Rideshare application uses Web 3.0 and uses rewards to incentivize its users. The latter can earn the tokens by using the app daily.

Unlike move-to-earn apps, though, Naviern focuses on sharing or giving directions. It works more like conventional navigation apps, but moving is still the focal point; you just don’t get money for the actual number of steps taken. Instead, the app rewards you for moving from one place to another.

What is Naviern’s goal? 

The company plans to introduce a totally new concept of Navigate-2-Earn. It hopes to take a new niche on the market, offering customers to earn NST tokens easily through its app. However, the amount of reward will depend on various factors, such as mode of transport (driving, walking, public transport), the customer’s in-app energy level, NFT level and wear, and the number of users using the application. In contrast, reward functionality is enabled, time and distance traveled for the customer’s journey and vehicle energy source. The team pointed out that people who own electric or hydrogen vehicles will earn more due to low CO2 emissions. The company promotes eco-friendly vehicles, and as such, it will award its owners with more tokens.

How will the app work? 

The Naviern app will give its users directions to their desired destination. It will also be able to determine the most convenient route to their destination. While other navigation apps also do the same, Naviern offers NST tokens as a reward to its customers. That is a big advantage, especially for those customers who want to invest in cryptos.

NST isn’t the company’s only coin, though. It also has a native utility token – NVRN- which is currently trending. The Naviern launched its ICO sale on April 14, 2023, and it will end on April 30, 2023. NVRN is a BEP-20 token, and its price is 0.01 USD at this stage. However, Naviern’s token value might increase after the ICO ends. The total supply of the NVRN tokens is 1,000,000,000, but only 11,5% is available for purchase now. The company aims to raise 85,000,000 with the sale, and it only accepts USDT in exchange for NVRN.

Furthermore, this community-driven project aims to bring as much profit to its token holders as possible. The platform will use 3 app modes. That will allow users to earn tokens through various modes of transportation.

Naviern strives to be useful for all customers, whether they move on foot or by transport. The team pointed out that its app won’t be exclusive to users who own vehicles. It will also help the people who prefer public transport.

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