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General Information
Broker Name: MultiBank Group
Broker Type: ECN
Country: Hong Kong
Operating since year: 2005
Broker status: Active
Customer Service
Phone: -
Email: [email protected]
Languages: English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese, French, Indonesian, Chinese
Availability: 24/7
Trading platforms: MT4, MT5
Trading platform Time zone: -
Demo account: YES
Mobile trading: YES
Web-based trading: YES
Bonuses: YES
Other trading instruments: Forex, Metals, Shares, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, CFDs
Minimum deposit ($): $50
Maximal leverage: up to 500:1
Spread: Variable
Scalping allowed: Not Allowed
Forex pairs offered:55+
Payment methods:Wire Transfer, Credit card, Debit card, Neteller, Skrill, Union Pay, PayTrust, SEPA, Bitcoin, AwePay, GlobePay, Thunder X Pay, Poli Payment
Account types:ECN: min deposit $5,000, PRO: min deposit $1,000, STANDARD: min deposit $50, MEX SPORTS $50

MultiBank Group Review 2021 – Unmatched Conditions for Traders


MultiBank Group Review - 20% deposit bonus

Introduction to MultiBank Group Review

In 2021, it is hard to find safe and legal brokers, but luckily, we have come across one of the best brokerages in the world. This MultiBank Group review will focus on all aspects of this brand. We found a lot of pros and cons thanks to their extremely informative website.

MultiBank Group is a huge CFD and FX Broker. They possess a diverse global audience, with over 25 offices worldwide. Initially established in California, the USA in 2005 now MultiBank Group has at least one office on every continent in the world.

MultiBank Services over 320,000 customers from over 90 countries. All their branches face heavy regulations, promoting only safe and legal trading.

Who is MultiBank Group?

MultiBank Group became one of the first companies to start electronic and online Forex and Financial Derivatives trading. In fact, they offered full transparency from the start. The company was established by Naser Taher, with unmatched experience in the financial industry.

MultiBank Group aims to provide exceptional products and services to their clients, they promise to continue investing heavily in technology and regulations that benefit their customers and improve the Forex Industry as a whole. It comes as no surprise that the MultiBank Group became so successful with such strong leadership.

The company reported a notional turnover of $2.4 trillion in financial derivatives during the year 2020 and is expecting to make significant moves into the institutional markets through top-tier bank liquidity and white label solutions for banks, brokers, funds, and trading desks.


MultiBank Group review of Assets

MultiBank review of Assets
MultiBank Group allows traders to trade on forex, shares indices, precious metals and other commodities.

The company boasts its advanced technology and trading platforms. For example, the broker is one of the few to offer automated trading. MultiBank Group assets range from financial products like forex, indices, metals, shares, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

MultiBank Group offers the lowest spreads we have come across starting with 0.0 pip spreads. Naturally, you should always look before you trade, as we’ve found some with 0.8 pips and 1.4 pips as well. Neither of the two are severe bit it could lead reckless traders to unexpected costs. Tight spreads offer stability and reliability to the trader. Therefore, the leverage can go up to 500:1.

Thus, allowing traders to take high risks for high returns. With under 20 millisecond execution, you will get access to over 45 currency pairs, metals, and all major assets with MultiBank Group.


MultiBank Group Regulations

This section tends to be the shortest in this industry, but in this MultiBank Group review, we have a rare broker with a LIST of financial regulators. Not many brokers invest a lot into regulations.

Meanwhile, the MultiBank Group is regulated by seven major financial regulators worldwide. The regulator list is really impressive and it includes, financial watchdogs like ASIC, BAFIN, CNMV, FMA, TFG, HKCE, AUSTRAC, VFSC, CIMA. Their different branches also have corresponding regulators watching over them. As a result, we have never trusted a broker more.

Their website lists their license links and PDFs in plain sight. We double-checked all of them, and MultiBank Group passed with flying colors. Below we will list the branches and the regulators, respectively.

  • MEX Australia Pty Ltd (MEX Exchange) is regulated by ASIC, which is the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

In fact, MEX Asset Management GmbH is regulated and authorized by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, or BaFin.

  • MEX Asset Management GmbH in Austria is a small branch of the German asset management company, which is also regulated by FMA, the Financial Market Authority.

Moreover, MEX Spain is the Spanish branch in Barcelona, regulated by CNMV, the National Securities Market Commission.

  •  MEX Australia Pty Ltd DIFC Branch is authorized and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority – DFSA.
  • MultiBank Group FX International Corporation is regulated by the FSC, Financial Services Commission of the British Virgin Islands.
  • Last, but not least is MEX Wealth Management (Dormant) is a subsidiary located in the Cayman Islands, regulated, and authorized by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, also known as a CIMA.
With such an extensive list of regulators, we are confident that MultiBank Group is a trusty broker.

Rather than providing one general regulator, they made sure to work with all relevant authorities to keep their customers’ funds safe. Moreover, they take depositing funds very seriously as well. No wonder MultiBank Group has such a large customer base.


What Kind of Accounts does MultiBank Group offer?


multibank account tyes

MultiBank Group used to offer four distinct account types: STANDARD, PRO, ECN, and MEX SPORTS. The main difference between the three is the pricing and the minimum deposit.

MultiBank Group Account Types


  •         Commission-free
  •         Has Tight Spreads
  •         Minimum Deposit: $50


  •         Commission-free
  •         Has Average Spreads
  •         Minimum Deposit: $1,000


  •         Commission-free
  •         Has Wide Spreads
  •         Minimum Deposit: $5,000


  •        Has tight spreads
  •        Minimum Deposit: $50
  •        Social trading

With a quick look at the trading accounts, it is easy to tell which account is designated for which trader. The most experienced trader would opt for ECN Pro account, with tight spreads and commission. In fact, the minimum deposit for this type of account is fair and makes sense.

So, MultiBank Group Pro would be the perfect match for an advanced trader. The minimum deposit is low enough to make losses more acceptable.

Currently, there is only one live account type that serves as universal for all traders. The account requires a deposit of only $50 and offers 1:500 leverage.

Additionally, MultiBank Group offers a Demo account if you want to test-run any of their platforms prior to making a monetary commitment.

Islamic account is also available, with the following conditions: no interest/ swap charges on overnight positions and no limits on the duration of positions held.

Beginners can easily join with a minuscule minimum deposit but beware of the wide spreads. Keep in mind, there are possibilities to lose money when trading. Therefore, this might make trading a little riskier for an inexperienced investor. Additionally, keep in mind that you should trade regularly to avoid inactivity fees.

Moreover, registration is easy and fast. MultiBank Group has an exceptionally large international customer base, so obviously they also offer an Islamic account. All accounts offer negative balance protection.

Our MultiBank Group Review of Assets left us satisfied with the options and range of deposits. It is obvious that MultiBank Group welcomes traders with all levels of experience.


Opening an Account with MultiBank Group

Opening an Account with MultiBank Group: Open a trading account to claim your bonus

MultiBank Group account opening is simple and seamless. In fact, you can fill out all forms, scan, and submit your documents within 20 minutes. The whole process is digital. There are three simple steps for account opening with MultiBank Group .

  1. Select the regulator you wish to work with
  2. Add all personal information, such as emails, country, etc.
  3. Verify your identity and residency

So, the process is simple and matches every other broker. Make sure to pick the regulator you are most comfortable with or you are required to pick due to your address. You can submit your government-issued ID, Driver’s License, and passport as proof of identity. For your residency proof, you can submit an official document that states your name and address, like bank statements, utility bills, etc.


MultiBank Group Review: Deposits and Withdrawals

MultiBank Group offers 8 base currencies for withdrawals and deposits. Moreover, you can pick USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, CHF, AUD, NZD, CAD as your preferred base currency. By default, the account starts with a USD setting.

Furthermore, if you do not select your base currency when registering, by contacting their customer service, you can change your base currency with ease. The best part of their account offers is that you can have more sub-accounts and select different base currencies for each sub-account.

Depositing at MultiBank Group is easy and free of charge. In fact, you can do a wire transfer, use debit or credit cards, or use any of the electronic wallets listed below:

  •         Skrill
  •         Neteller
  •         PayTrust
  •         PerfectMoney
  •         Help2Pay
  •         Ngang Luong
  •         Payment Asia
  •         Swift
  •         Nab
  •         Crypto
MultiBank: deposit and payment methods
MultiBank Group offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal options.


MultiBank Group Bonuses – Outstanding List

Not many brokers offer bonuses to their users. In fact, we were shocked to see that MultiBank Group offers 5 different bonus types to all traders! We have to include this list in our MultiBank Group review in order for you to see how amazing their conditions and bonuses are. Note that bonuses are occasional promotions and might change or go away suddenly. Currently, the below promotions seem to be unavailable for unknown reasons.

20% Deposit Bonus

  •         Minimum Deposit: $1,000 with exceptions for Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam
  •         Maximum bonus per customer: $40,000
  •         Losable bonus can be withdrawn at a rate of $200 per every 80 lots
  •         Applies to MultiBank Pro and Maximus platforms
  •         Must complete requirements within 90 days of trading

Imperial Bonus

  •         Available and Losable within 3 months
  •         Applicable only to initial first-time deposits
  •         Available to all trading companies at MultiBank Group


MultiBank - Imperial Bonus: new clients can earn up to $5000 on their first time deposit

Loyalty Bonus

  •         Available and Losable within 3 months of opening
  •         Only available to top-ups (additional deposits)
  •         Only withdrawable once the lots round trip target is reached
  •         Available on all MultiBank Group’s platforms and branches


MultiBank - Loyalty Bonus

100% Bonus

  •         Only available on the MT4 Maximus and MultiBank Pro platforms
  •         Only for new clients
  •         Non-losable and non-withdrawable
  •         Maximum bonus per customer $20,000
  •         Minimum initial deposit is $200

Refer a Friend Bonus

  •         Lots RT Target must be reached by friends within 3 months of the initial deposit
  •         Once the conditions are met the bonus will be credited to both customers within 5-7 days
  •         The referred friends must be first time clients at MultiBank Group
  •         The minimum initial deposit is $1,000
  •         Each customer can refer up to 8 friends in one year


reffer a friend bonus

Trading Conditions at MultiBank Group

MultiBank Group wants to offer the safest conditions to its traders. Their first initiative is the stop-out level, where trading platforms are set to automatically close open options when the stop-out level is reached. Some conditions apply to different equity levels of accounts.

Their maximum lots per click and maximum open positions are restricted by the market depth and for risk control. See the image below.

Trading Conditions

The pending orders must be calculated by the client to maintain the required real-time margin for the execution. Moreover, the pending order will be automatically canceled if the margin level is not enough for the transaction.

Hedged positions function is available on the MultiBank Group’s MT4 platform. Avoid risk by not holding more than one hedged position at the same time. When the spread widens in particular market situations, hedged positions can affect the account equity.

Our MultiBank Group review of their trading conditions left us confident that the broker can only offer the best and safest options to their traders. Especially compared to other CFD brokers, MultiBank Group stands out. Consequently, the conditions presented satisfied us.


Platforms Offered at MultiBank Group

MultiBank Group offers the best and most popular trading platforms to its traders. They offer trading on ECN Pro, Maximum, MultiBank Pro, MT4, MT5, and even social trading. Moreover, their download center provides all the software, one click away from trading.

You can choose to trade via a mobile app on iOS, Android, and Google Play. You can trade via Desktop on your Microsoft account (windows), as well as web trading on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

In fact, their social trading platform is easy to use and sign up for. You simply need to open a master account, share your success in trading with the public, and gain subscribers who will copy your trades and movements.

MultiBank Group will give you a chance to become a huge influence on their platform by gaining followers and copycats. So, it is a great option for all trades. It is professional, fast, profitable, and best of all – automatic.

Furthermore, the broker offers highly inclusive platforms, allowing all traders to choose what they are most comfortable with. In fact, some of the platforms even offer special bonuses, which you can view above.


Customer Service Review for MultiBank Group

Customer Service Review for MultiBank

MultiBank Group offers a shocking number of options to get in touch with its customer service. They provide help in many languages for your comfort and have specific numbers for different countries, so you do not have to wait in long lines on your phone.

You can also contact MultiBank Group via live chat and email. Their chat works well. In fact, it responds quickly and answers all your questions.

Furthermore, their email support is shockingly fast, with personalized responses sent out within one day.

Their support is always available to help you with any questions or issues you might be facing. Thus, we are incredibly happy to see such supportive brokers like MultiBank Group.


global customer service numbers
Currently, customers can reach MultiBank via phone in over 30 countries


MultiBank Group Review Conclusion – We Vouch For This Broker

From all our intensive research about MultiBank Group, we have nothing else to say but that they are one of the best we have come across. They offer a wide range of options for all types of traders.

In fact, their website is easy to navigate. Broker reviews can be hard to complete, but MultiBank Group makes it easy to see all their licensing and documentation to all users, whether registered or not. You can find all information you might require on their site. Easily accessible and transparent – we love it.

MultiBank Group puts their clients’ safety above all else, proving a large list of regulators from all around the world. If this is not your first hint to trust them, you can personally get in touch with them and you will see how professional they are. They will prove with their expert advisors and genuine accountability that they are the right broker.

We hope you found all the information you needed in our MultiBank Group review. Our bottom line is that this broker is trustworthy, stands out among competitions in extraordinary ways, and that you should personally check them out and see for yourself. They are our most recommended broker at the time.

So, make sure you get to know any restrictions they might have for your location. Other than that – happy trading!

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