MSYS and AKEY tokens are in the spotlight. Why’s that? 


MSYS token is a new crypto that is currently trending. The creator team generated it through decentralized smart contracts on the Binance Network and BSC network. It plans to move the token to its own blockchain network in the future. The latter is known as MetaSystemToken Smart Chain (TSC).

BSC network offers many quality assets. Still, most of these have high volatility and aren’t a safe choice for everyday use. That’s why MetaSystemToken decided to create the MSYS token.

Blockchain technology is evolving rapidly. It has already shown signs of tremendous growth potential, as well as transformative power. However, mass adoption of the blockchain depends on a seamless user experience. Take the internet, for example. Web 2.0 enabled developers to engage users with more usable, social, and interoperability functionality, making it far more attractive.

Creators have only started to realize the huge potential of decentralized applications. There is so much to discover, and MSYS aims to take part in the process. The company wants to bring Web 3.0 to the BSC network and Binance Network. It will offer its revolutionary BApp experiences to attract more customers.

The BSC protocol stands out among other blockchains with its high throughput and low transaction costs. Thanks to it, MSYS will be able to facilitate the widespread adoption of this revolutionary technology through consumer use cases.

Moreover, MetaSystem announced that MSYS Box would become the first Blockchain application launched on BSC and Binance. The company believes that it will become the leader in terms of customer numbers and transaction volume across the major blockchains. Even though there are numerous competitors on the market, MSYS box has managed to retain cutting edge of blockchain Software development. It offers a superior product and is committed to the community.


What about the MSYS token’s ICO sale? 

The team launched the initial coin offering on April 01, 2022. The sale will end on December 15, 2022. MSYS is a high-ranking token. It has attracted investors’ attention due to the many benefits the project provides. The total supply of these BEP20 tokens is 2,000,000,000.00 MSYS. However, at this stage, only 1,380,000,000 coins (69%) are available for sale. The price of 1 MSYS is 0.0025$, but it will likely increase after the ICO ends. The platform accepts BTC, ETH, BNB, DOGE, DASH, USDT, TRX, BUSD, XRP, and SOL in exchange for native tokens.

The company started the development of its platform with only one title. But nowadays, it boasts the largest library of applications on the blockchain. The team added live operations, social features, and events to provide a richer user experience. Besides, the platform plans to give back to the community through its events. The team stated that the platform would offer customers various incentives in the coming months.

The company has also decided to officially raise funds for the platform’s development in anticipation of MSYS box’s sustained growth. The BSC Arcade fund will give investors a chance to profit from this venture.

MSYS Box will become a blockchain-based premier development platform, enabling users to trade, stake tokens, and socialize across multiple ecosystems. Furthermore, the MSYS token will be the key part of this new amazing platform. The latter will boast many advantages, including innovative token economy design, behavioral mining, and various incentive mechanisms. Developers will be able to build the best BApps, while token holders will have an opportunity to become platform stakeholders.


How does MSYS box work? 

MSYS box is one of the first blockchain-based, high-performance technology development platforms worldwide. As such, it utilizes the experience of industry experts and developers in both blockchain and traditional tech to provide customers with an exceptional blockchain software experience.

The company aims for MSYS box to become the top BApp around the world in terms of users, transaction volume, and transaction count. MetaSystem plans MSYS box’s daily volume to reach approximately 14 million USD with over 6,000 daily active users in the future. The platform already has one of the largest communities in blockchain, and its members will actively engage across multiple social channels.

The team chose BSC for its project because it intends to leverage the latter’s ambition to help develop “a truly decentralized internet.” However, the end goal is for MSYS box to become the premier blockchain app development platform across all existing chains. The company also plans to take advantage of BSC’s scalability and high throughput to provide the best user experience.

In addition, MSYS will utilize the BSC network’s 3-second block time and 2000 TPS capacity to provide instantaneous software play, as well as reliable service. The team is also working on its own scaling solutions. It has already implemented part of them in software.

That’s not all, though. One of the benefits of the MSYS platform is its free transaction costs. The company puts the user experience first and wants to offer as much comfort as possible. Customers will receive bountiful supplies of energy, along with generous profits for staking a small amount of MSYS.




What is AnuuTech, and why is it trending? 

AnuuTech is a relatively new layer 1 distributed ledger platform. It allows all dApps to utilize its network, and the language they are programmed in makes no difference. The company introduced a radically different approach to solving the problems that traditional blockchain technologies face presently.  

The company’s goal is to offer solutions to achieve true decentralization, security, regulation, scalability, and applicability. It will develop technology that meets regulatory requirements, thus, facilitating secure business transactions. According to the team, the efficiency of these secure transactions will help various industries, including healthcare, finance, IoT, supply chain, etc., to grow and achieve more success. Customers can also use AnuuTech’s solutions for Metaverse, NFTs, and Defi.  

The company also has a native utility token, AKEY. The team launched its ICO sale on February 25, 2022. The sale will end on December 31, 2022. The total supply of AKEY is 1,000,000,000.00, but only some percentage is available at this stage.

AnuuTech plans to create a truly decentralized network of 3-tier nodes. The project has an experienced team. It also boasts a well-developed roadmap. Thus, it has a strong potential for success.




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