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Mining Company Partners to Build Mining Farm

Northern Bitcoin, German Bitcoin (BTC) mining company, has sealed a merger agreement with its United States-based competitor Whinstone. They plan to make the soon-to-be largest mining farm in the world jointly.

In addition to that, Northern Bitcoin published a press release on November 18. It stated that Whinstone already started the facility mentioned above. Moreover, they expect this to have a capacity of one gigawatt on an area of more than 100 acres in Texas. The mining farm in question will allegedly be the biggest data center in North America.

Aside from that, the two mining companies will finish the first phase of the Bitcoin farm’s construction in Q1 2020. By that time, it will have a capacity of 300 megawatts. Then, the whole structure will become entirely done in Q4 2020.

Then, its first two clients that will take advantage of the upcoming facility will be two publicly traded corporations. They will use a significant portion of its capacity for, of course, Bitcoin mining. But after its completion, the data center will also put up with for the acceleration of video rendering and artificial intelligence applications.

Bitcoin in Online Gaming Platform

Meanwhile, the online gaming platform Donnerlab will now allow gamers to hunt for Bitcoin and pick-up “Satoshi cubes.”

In a tweet on November 19, Donnerlab revealed the launching of its newest project, dubbed as Bitcoin Bounty Hunt. This is a fully lightning-native multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game. Also, the Lightning Network is a payment protocol that provides for quick, micropayments between so-called nodes – in this event, gamers.

Furthermore, the twenty-five-year-old Konstantin Nick founded Donnerlabs. This was after the 2018 Lightning Hackday in Munich, Germany. The goal is to present the Bitcoin to more people.

Moreover, the FPS game highlights an integrated neutrino wallet. This is where gamers can keep coins in a noncustodial fashion, an ad space for Hodl-auctions, and the skill to kill off other players to collect bounties.

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