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Microsoft updates Windows 11 while modernizing its design

Microsoft plans with Windows 11 to modernize alert dialogs. These Windows alert dialog boxes are displayed once something unexpected needs immediate user action.

For example, Windows 10 comes with a feature that might help you avoid the chance of missing data once your device is close to run out of power. The alert dialog on Windows 10 is using Windows 8-era Metro UI, but the company will update the design with WinUI controls.

Microsoft is modernizing some system alert dialog boxes in the latest announcement, similar to the alert dialog for low battery. Likewise, a system will activate a new alert dialog once you change your display settings. The company is gradually replacing Windows 8 dialog boxes with its modern alternative.

For example, the dialog box that allows you to rename the PC name is based on Windows 8 metro design.

More improvements

The good news is that Microsoft confirmed it would be updating multiple system alert dialog boxes in the future.

Microsoft restored support for Power modes in Windows Settings app in the most current Windows 11 update. Windows sets devices to a Balanced power plan by default, but you can continuously switch between high-performance and power-efficient plans.

If you had the first preview of Windows 11, you might be familiar with the fact that Microsoft removed the refresh option from the new context menu on the desktop. If you are willing to access the refresh, you need to click on the button that says “Show more options” to access the original or classic context menu.

Windows 11 allows the “Refresh” option in the modern context menu. Keep in mind that you can keep pressing F5 on the keyboard for refreshing the desktop, but this new shortcut is handy if you prefer mouse input.

Another significant change is a new search bar in the Start Menu.

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