Micron Technology Debuts New Hard Drives Testing Intel’s Competence

On Friday, Idaho-based memory chipmaker Micron Technology has challenged opponent Intel Corp with a new line of hard drives intended at data centers.

The two firms are just on the point of officially ending a joint venture. Their endeavor has lasted more than a decade that has advanced technology.

Way back in 2006, Micron and Intel have started working together. They have with them the goal of bringing the 3D cross-point memory technology in the market.

The technology uses three-dimensional features on storage chips. This is to make the chips function faster.

A year ago, Micron indicated that it would buy out Intel’s portion of the joint venture.

The share is called IM Flash Technologies. It costs $1.5 billion in cash and has an assumption of $1 billion of Intel’s stock.

This month, the deal is scheduled to close. It will be leaving Micron in full control of a plant built in Utah to produce the chips.

Meanwhile, hard drives that are made with the new chips are faster than the preceding solid-state drives.

These new chips have seized the interest of data center holders carrying out calculating jobs like deep learning. It is where artificial intelligence software consumes a massive amount of data to learn new responsibilities.

On the other side, Intel has issued a second generation of its version of the technology earlier this year.

Micron is now hopping into the market, challenging it with what a handful of clients.

At a launch event in San Francisco, Micron Chief Executive Sanjay Mehrotra stated in a news report interview, “This is just the very, very beginning.”

He also added, “These kinds of technologies do take multiple years before are they broadly deployed.”

The Firm’s Product Development Over The Years

Micron Technology: Micron Technology Inc. building.Last Thursday, Micron introduced its Intel competitor. Moreover, the device’s label is X100.

The device itself is a hard drive. Plugging it straight into a server is possible.

Moreover, Micron believes it works faster than its rival due in part to a piece of technology called a controller.

The devices follow instructions from the server’s computing brain regarding which data to read or write on the hard drive.

Micron technologically advanced the controllers on the inside. The firm is also eager that it will set its products apart in the memory market.

The market is where supply and demand dynamic forces can generate dramatic shifts in prices.

Since 2017, when Mehrotra’s strategy has then taken over as chief executive, an increasing number of storage products has been taking place. These include technologies beyond just commodity memory chips.

About half of the corporation’s storage revenue these days comes from such products, as opposed to 20% when he arrived.

Mehrotra said of differentiating features, “This is hugely attractive.”

In addition, “We are making strong progress there” he said.

Elsewhere, the computer chipmaker and storage company Micron Technology Inc. is placing its hardware for artificial intelligence workloads. This was after obtaining a startup called FWDNXT.

The firm announced the acquisition at its yearly Micron Insight conference in San Francisco today.

It is describing FWDNXT as an income producer of AI hardware and software for deep learning. This software is a subset of AI that attempts to imitate the way of human brain solves problems.

Micron’s plan is to integrate FWDNXT’s technology with its own.

The plan comes by optimizing flash memory products to produce what it says will be a “comprehensive AI development platform.”

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