The sole resting place for gamers in the Metaverse

It’s hard to imagine, but in November 2021, the renowned browser Opera GX successfully built the first virtual cemetery in the world. It is intended for gamers who have given up playing for a variety of reasons. There, you can honor your avatar with a dignified funeral.

According to Maciej Kochemba, CEO of Opera GX, “the online graveyard is a discreet way for users to let their friends who vanished from Discord or a game know that they are missed.

The design of this virtual cemetery is in 2D and 8-bit. Burying video game avatars is a simple operation. You may select the style of the tombstone, personalize it with gamers’ nicknames, and even include a eulogy. Additionally, you might include the deceased person’s death date.

A virtual graveyard is a terrific location to bury your gaming lifestyle when it becomes unhealthy, Kochemba continued. Since there are currently 57,417 people buried in the gamers’ cemetery, engineers built a search option for our convenience. You can search for the required tomb on the main page by entering the name of the avatar.

You can therefore make graves for your friends’ avatars if they once enjoyed P2E games but have since stopped playing. And as a unique Halloween present, you may email them a link to the “grave.” Additionally, who knows if this will inspire them to return to the gaming industry.

Keep Metaverse in mind

There is a special project in web 3.0 called Remember Metaverse. We can make NFT Memorial Stones to pay tribute to people who died away in the Metaverse thanks to this opportunity. Beginning in 2022, this remarkable endeavor has been under way. Users can create memorial stones, virtual flowers, and other tributes in this virtual cemetery.

Work is being done by NFT Memorial Stones on the Ethereum blockchain. The 5000 stones were made by developers, who aimed to make each NFT a singular work of art. Consequently, we now have a new option to honor the deceased with exquisite works of digital art.

How does it function? Users must first mint NFTs before they may choose the ideal location for them within the Remember Metaverse. Additionally, NFT owners get access to a Memory Hall. They can store private recollections about their loved ones in this virtual area. Anything from words to movies could be included. Additionally, users can choose who can access and share their memories. NFT memorial stones are already up for sale to the general public. On OpenSea, these NFTs have a floor price of 0.04 ETH.

You now understand that the virtual afterlife has materialized as a result of the growth of Metaverses and the gaming industry. These online cemeteries might assist you in setting the scene for Halloween in October. You may now create some eerie tales about haunted online cemeteries and terrify everyone with them. Additionally, you might be wondering what will happen to your cryptocurrency assets when you pass away if graves are even possible in the Metaverse today.

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