MetaSystem ICO (MSYS) is in the limelight. Check it out!

Metasystem is an ecosystem for developing blockchain applications, which has recently been in the spotlight. For a good reason too. The MetaSystem ICO (MSYS) has been nearing the end of its ICO sale period. This ecosystem will be able to hold multiple different apps based on a blockchain experience.

The MSYS team hopes it will be able to promote the use of blockchain technology, ensuring it will be as widespread as possible. This is through its adoption of low transaction costs alongside high throughput. They plan on releasing their MSYS Box, a blockchain app which will be on BSC and Binance. This is in hopes of reaching a leading position among blockchain transaction volume and its number of users. The possibility of this is somewhat higher while the blockchain industry is still young. Therefore, it should be an excellent time to take advantage of the opportunity while decentralised applications are still underdeveloped. Currently, the daily transaction volume of the application is roughly $14,000,000, with an active userbase exceeding 6,000. So the platform is already off to a good start.

Metasystem does not plan on putting a high burden on its customers. After all, they want their users to enjoy their experience! In light of this, they have ensured that transactions are free for all users. The MSYS platform will, in fact, cover the costs of some of the bandwidth and energy, ensuring a smooth user experience. Since this piece of software is based on the BSC blockchain, plenty of bandwidth is available when staking MSYS.

The developer focus

Developers will be able to use Metasystem to create their own MSYS software straight onto the platform. It has ready-made tools which developers can easily use to create their own premier content. The intention is that this will streamline the process tremendously. It should also encourage even more content onto the platform. They will be encouraged to make software that attracts new community members and give them incentives. Developers will, however, have to pay the platform a small fee out of the profits they accrue from the Metasystem.

While an application with a fairly limited scope at first, it now offers a wide array of features. There are more features here than in any other such platform on the blockchain. There are live events and operations, and social features are all now on the ecosystem. All of this was possible with the developer-focused system.

Its ICO sale time has lasted from the 1st of April 2022 and will last until the 10th of April 2023. So, those interested in this product are recommended to decide whether to buy this ICO soon! Its main platform is the Binance Chain and has a BEP20 token type. The BEP20 token type’s widespread use makes this application quite an attractive option, as it can keep its flexibility. A large portion of the token is available for sale, 1,380,000,000 out of the 2,000,000,000, making it 69% of the total supply. Furthermore, the price per each MSYS is $0.0040, to give an idea of how easily purchasable the MSYS ICO is.

The MSYS token

Their signature token, the MSYS, will be central to the user experience. This token can say it has one of the largest communities in the blockchain, which allows users to communicate over many social channels. This community focus is really what makes the platform worth taking an interest in.

Those that hold the MSYS token are central to this developmental platform. Every application on Metasystem will have to contribute a portion of its MSYS with these token holders. This occurs through the ‘MSYS drop’. The amount of MSYS each user gains depends on their existing MSYS power. How does a user gain more MSYS power, you may ask? Well, they can simply stake the MSYS tokens they already own.

This ‘MSYS drop’ event shall occur daily and should encourage more activity within the ecosystem. The token’s value should increase as more activity is encouraged in the ecosystem. This self-growing system is the core of the Metasystem business model. Further details are not available as of now. However, the plan is that this system should encourage the sustained growth of the community and keep it active.

Check out the Metasystem ICO before it is too late!

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