MetaDoge’s token will be available soon. What about BVT? 


MetaDoge is an exciting blockchain-based game. Its founder team aims to create an expandable ecosystem. Taking inspiration from Space Doge, the company will offer players various interesting game modes. In addition, every mode will share the same NFT Doges in the ecosystem. That will ultimately ensure that the utility is limitless.

According to the team, some modes are already ready to use. These are MetaDoge Virtual Racing, MetaDoge Endless Runner, and MetaDoge Runner Tracker. The first one offers a PVP model. Thanks to it, users will be able to race for the SpaceDoges and compete with other participants. The second model boasts Play & Earn approach. It will provide attractive and immersive gameplay. Besides, this mode will be accessible to new Defi enthusiasts. It will easily introduce cryptos to non-crypto gamers through the reward system. The last mode aims to offer users a healthy and balanced experience.

Metadoge is already well-known in the Defi world. It boasts an innovative approach when it comes to gaming experiences, along with well-balanced economic equilibrium and advanced on-chain technology. Moreover, the team values transparency and community participation.

The company meticulously designed the fundamental gameplay, aiming to make it as interesting as possible. It focuses on the user experience and wants to create a robust and sustainable community. The platform will reward gamers for their effort and time.  

MetaDoge has already created its native utility token – MTDU. The team plans to launch its ICO sale on August 13, 2022. This ERC20 coin will trade for 0.01 USD per MTDU during the initial coin offering. The total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000. However, only 15% will be available for purchase at the first stage. The company wants to raise 90,000,000 with the sale. It will accept USDT in exchange.


What is MetaDoge’s goal? 

The company has developed an interesting roadmap. It wants to offer users gameplay that is enticing, immersive, and fascinating. That will help to keep players interested and ensure the platform’s popularity in the long term. Moreover, MetaDoge’s economy is balanced as well as sustainable. But the company aims to achieve the expansion of its ecosystem in the future.

For now, the team focuses on building a digital platform of tokenized dogs that the average Defi users find appealing. The latter can already participate in the game and make a profit. In the process, they will use blockchain technology actively. MetaDoge wants to broaden the number of crypto enthusiasts, so it will provide various incentives to its community members, thus ensuring deeper engagement.

Furthermore, the company has found a way to combine the non-fungible tokens and the blockchain-based gaming world. It introduced a next-generation concept, creating an exciting digital universe of virtual dogs. Different game modes and challenging races will keep players occupied for a long time. Overall, this platform has strong potential. It could bring profit not only to its creators but to its community members as well.


BovineVerse also plans to launch its hot token soon. What does it offer?

BovineVerse is an innovative Fi+ metaverse platform. It belongs to the era of Web 3.0. The team created multiple parallel worlds to entice the gamers, and it aims to release three creative and exciting games on the blockchain.

Furthermore, the company will provide high flexibility. It also wants to apply DAO governance to its social network, which is another benefit. Players will be able to build a diverse, rich world together, have interesting adventures, socialize, and create. Besides, they will own their bovine animals in the form of NFTs. The company even encourages them to establish their own guilds.

BovineVerse will launch its native utility token on August 11, 2022. BVT is already trending, and its value and popularity will likely increase after the launch. This ERC20 token will be available for 0.035 USD. The total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000, but the team will release only some percentage for the initial coin offering.

The company aims to develop a multi-verse worldview. It will use advanced blockchain technology to achieve that goal. Each user participating in the game will own bovine animals. They will also create, socialize, and have adventures. In addition, players will enjoy low-latency games anywhere around the world. The BovineVerse team stated that it would work on improving and upgrading the in-game facilities, thus, offering more creative and interesting gameplays to its users.


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