An ex-Tik-Tok executive establishes a blockchain firm

Video-based gaming software that uses crypto technologies as part of its gameplay is referred to as an NFT game. Tik-Tok gaming boss Jason Fung left his position to work to establish a new startup. This firm is concentrated on blockchain games. Although there is a significant increase in consumer interest in it, venture companies chose not to take significant risks. Basically, anyone who plays it can purchase, sell, or trade NFTs or crypto with other players. Publishers usually profit by deducting a transaction fee. They are also referred to as play-to-earn games because most people play them to earn currency that has real-world value. blockchain gaming is a very promising section of the crypto community. It is also one of the subjects of mass coverage in the business industry.

Metaverse is seeing a massive inflow of money due to the high demand and popularity of NFT games. For gaming reasons, a lot of metaverse businesses offered land and other NFTs for sale. However, there is still a huge gap in the market as most companies don’t do too much in this sector. It is in dire need of a little bit of innovation. Fung is very much aware of all the risks and payoffs of this new venture. Clearly, he sees the aforementioned gap in the market and intends to fill it as fast as he can.
The two-year period he spent working at Tik-Tok coincided with the company’s multibillion-dollar growth. ByteDance is the company that owns Tik-Tok. They reaped enormous rewards in the gaming sector due to Fung’s direction. Now because of him, they have a $300 billion market share in the worldwide gaming industry.

Will the Blockchain games benefit from the expertise of Mr.Fung?

Funding for the new blockchain firm is provided by Meta0. A company whose active CEO is Jason Fung. Meta0 will provide blockchain gaming services. It will be a startup that provides services to gamers including inter-player trade of digital goods. This includes NFTs. He claimed that the potential to address holes and provide solutions to the divided gaming community was the primary driver for his decision to leave Tik-Tok. He seems optimistic about the establishment of a new gaming ecosystem for blockchain games. Projects like these attempt to bring innovation to the forefront of the NFT game sector. Therefore soon Meta0 will enable developers to design and create their own games. This means that consumers will get more variable games in the future.

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