Megathon launched its hot MEGAN token. What does it offer?


Megathon is a new innovative project that aims to build an online virtual world. This platform will enable users to earn its native token, MEGAN, by exploring and creating monetized assets. The Megathon team also plans to implement NFTs, DeFi, and Game-Fi elements. The end goal is to create a virtual world with a strong community and thriving economy.

The company launched the MEGAN token’s ICO sale on June 20, 2022. This BEP20 is very high-ranking on various ICO listing websites. 1,000,000,000 MEGANs are available for purchase. The platform will exchange 30,000 MEGANs for 1 BNB. However, the token’s value will likely increase after the initial coin offering ends.

The team offers an exciting and immersive game. Its players will become voyagers exploring the Megathon. They will be able to earn MEGAN by taking part in various activities. Token holders will enjoy various benefits. They will also automatically join the Megathon economy. Moreover, the company offers users the opportunity to participate in the platform governance and determine the future of the project.

This platform will be completely decentralized. It will use smart contracts to ensure that. Besides, customers will have a right to vote on decisions concerning the future of the Megathon. That will prevent the passing of any unfair policies.

The company decided to establish a metaverse with the integration of non-fungible tokens to provide players with a decentralized platform. People from around the world will be able to socialize and play on this platform. They will earn money in the process, as well.

Thanks to this virtual multi-planet metaverse, players will have a chance to meet new people, start businesses, experience different cultures, and lifestyles, create NFT items, and explore the exciting universe. The Megathon aims to give every customer a fair chance to conquer the galaxy.


How does this platform work? 

According to the team, each player will be represented by an interactable avatar. The latter will imitate users’ motions and gestures in the real world. But they can live a much more exciting and adventurous life in the Megathon compared to our daily lifestyles.

Each player will have one main avatar representing them in the game. Users can create it based on their physical appearance or modify it to have fun, non-human characteristics. Moreover, players will be able to clone themselves using the MEGAN tokens. That will allow them to experience vastly different lives.

The company also noted that gamers could customize and create additional avatars to accompany them on their journeys. They will even be able to interact with these companions and unlock unique experiences. Other users will also recognize these virtual friends.

Creating the main avatar is the first step to starting new space lives. However, players will need to make a living. Thus, they will have to begin the space journey as well as establish their business. As a result, users can acquire a personal space for living. The team stated that there are two ways to achieve that. Players can buy lands with the MEGAN tokens to establish estates and develop cities. On the other hand, they can sell personal spaces after successfully establishing their cities and get rewards.

Megathon is still a relatively new platform, but the team continues its development. It plans to release the space exploration function. After that, customers will have an opportunity to explore unknown areas and own a whole planet. They will be able to establish a new empire instead of being limited by a small piece of land.


What about the tokenized in-game items? 


What about the tokenized in-game items? 

The company tokenized everything in the Megathon world as tradable NFTs, including customized avatars and whole planets. However, there are two different types of non-fungible tokens on the platform. First ones are Megathon-Native NFTs. According to the team, different planets contain different sources. Players can explore, loot, and trade them. These sources vary from collectible alien creatures to minerals.

In addition, the team hasn’t limited tradable NFTs to independent items. The whole planet is also tradable on the Megathon marketplace. Users can customize anything on the platform, including houses, clothes, and transportation. Both main and customized avatars are non-fungible tokens as well. Players can define everything on the planet. They can also mint their own NFT items using the MEGAN tokens and trade the crafted items on the marketplace.

The company aims to provide an entrepreneur-friendly platform. Thus, it will encourage users to start their own businesses as well as hire other people to work for them. Customers can also work as Galaxy Wanderers, mining and looting on different planets.


Is being Galaxy Wanderer profitable? 

Megathon is a play-to-earn platform. As such, it offers many opportunities to earn money. The team encourages players to make a living while exploring the Megathon’s world. Galaxy Wanderer will be able to choose to work for other players as Galaxy Boosters. They can also work freely in the universe, harvesting resources through looting and mining on different planets. Another option is to join space expedition fleets.

The company enables gamers to earn rewards by working on mining sites. However, they can opt for a Galaxy Booster if they don’t have time or prefer other activities. This mode allows users to play the game using their clones to earn native tokens. At the same time, players will get a cut from the lootings.

Moreover, there are space expedition ships roaming the galaxy. Gamers can sign up as crew members. They will receive a portion of the rewards as parts of the fleet. Becoming a Galaxy Entrepreneur is one more way to earn money on this platform. Customers can start their own businesses. Megathon offers unlimited business options. Thus, every user will be able to find one that suits their interests and goals.

Those who choose to develop a planet can purchase a plot or a planet and design its future use. They can decide whether it’s going to be a residential or commercial area. Planet developers will have the right to redesign a desert planet and turn it into an oasis. They can also build new human habitats. Overall, this game offers many exciting opportunities.


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