Medieval Empires introduced a hot token, MEE. Don’t miss it


Medieval Empires is an exciting mid-core multiplayer online game. The team based its platform on blockchain technology, using Play & Own strategy. This game enables players to delve deep into the historical and fantastical world of Medieval Empires.

Moreover, the company created its own native utility token, MEE, which gained a high rating on various ICO listing platforms. The team will launch its sale on December 12, 2022. It will end on December 13, 2022, though. MEE is a POLYGON coin. Its price will be 0.009 USD during the initial coin offering. The total supply of tokens is 3,000,000,000, but only 25% will be available for purchase at this stage. The platform aims to raise $317,500 with the ICO, and it will accept USDT in exchange for MEE.

Medieval Empires is set in the territory of modern-day Turkey. The plot revolves around late 13th-century history. The game’s storyline initially focuses on Ertuğrul Gazi. The latter was a tribal warrior, as well as a famous leader of the Kayi tribe. In the game, Ertuğrul Gazi will face off against the future King of England, Edward Longshanks, who is also known as Hammer of the Scots. According to the plot, the English King is expanding a successful 9th Crusade to the Holy Land.

However, battling isn’t the only attraction of Medieval Empires. The platform provides many exciting features. Besides, the game enables players to experience various activities. For example, users will start with building towns while fighting, trading, and forging alliances. The founder team decided to start with a passive PvE area. However, after excelling in those activities, players will gain an opportunity to broaden their horizons.


How does the game evolve? 

Continuous battles mean more territories are gained. Thus, players will move further and further on the map. They will have different missions to accomplish, including general tasks, daily activities, and story missions. But they need to complete these tasks and missions successfully to move on to a higher level.

With every new victory, the platform will give players access to new leaders and regions. Thus, participants will be able to explore and dominate the latter. The company plans to add new factions in the future. The Turkic Tribes and English Crusaders are only beginning. The team already started working to introduce the Byzantines, Mongols, and Mamluks.

Furthermore, the company is building Medieval Empires on the Polygon. This blockchain provides several great features, including developer ecosystem, player reach, security, low gas fees, and speed. Besides, it’s much more eco-friendly compared to other blockchains. According to the team, the game will be available on MAC (OSX), PC (Windows), and Mobile (Android and iOS). All platforms will be fully interoperable, as well. 

The Medieval Empires team is very experienced and competent in the fields of blockchain technology and game development. It has already introduced a great roadmap. MoonGaming is the company behind this project. This blockchain-based gaming studio comprises an enthusiastic group of professionals from the crypto industries, gaming, and marketing.

The company focuses on three core values. These are People, Planet, and Prosperity. MoonGaming aims to bring the video games industry to a new level and offer all its stakeholders benefits in the process. The company boasts strong tokenomics and state-of-the-art technology, along with an experienced team. It wants to solve various challenges that the gaming industry faces nowadays.  


What makes Medieval Empires stand out among other games? 


What makes Medieval Empires stand out among other games? 

As we’ve mentioned, this game is set in the late 13th century, when the fabled Ottoman Empire was at its dawn. Two rivals, Ertuğrul Gazi and the future King Edward 1st, will face each other to gain dominance. However, the plot is more dramatized than the real history. Thus, the 9th Crusade will be more fruitful for Edward Longshanks than it actually was. It will open up another front to the north, and the English crusaders will clash with Turkic Tribes, among them the one with Ertugrul’s leadership. They will face the orderless, fragmented frontier region of Turkey.

The founder team does not aim to be historically correct. It adjusted historical figures, tribes, events, and alliances to create more exciting and immersive gameplay.

Thanks to Medieval Empires, players will be able to experience what’s it like to be a medieval war hero on his rise to power and prestige. Users will start as the leaders of a small village, but they can gradually turn their lands into a prosperous emirate by trading, forging alliances, and fighting. Together, the participants will build powerful empires. 

Users will have to train heroes while building their town. They will face constant invasions on their lands, and it’s important to win those skirmishes. Moreover, players can become a landowner through NFTs. They can place their towns on their land and claim taxes from other players who want to build on their property.

In addition, gamers will have an opportunity to participate in various events on other lands by building temporary camps. These events will happen in the form of aggressive PvE missions and PvP battles. Winners will get great rewards and fame.   


What about Heroes? 

Heroes are necessary for creating the army. Each of them has individual stats and abilities. Every army will need a Hero as a leader. Using resources and time, gamers will have to recruit and train Heroes in their military units. The Heroes can have different names, appearances, stats, and durability. The platform will mint them on the players’ behalf.  

However, the Hero’s lifetime is limited. A hero will lose one durability unit for every fight. When he reaches the end of his life, a player can earn Legacy NFTs. The latter have increased utility as a reward for the user’s past gameplay.

The fighting can be brutal as many warlords, factions, and barbarians fight for control of the region. Gamers will have the option of becoming warriors, merchants, or mighty clan leaders. But the enemies will be everywhere, so the fighting will be part of everything.

Moreover, only a few players will be able to own land and become clan leaders. The overall land is limited. Users can buy land as an NFT.



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