General Information
Broker Name:Mbchains
Broker Type: Forex & CFDs
Country: UK
Operating since year: 2022
Regulation: N/A
Address: 60-80 St Mary Axe, London
Broker status:Active
Customer Service
Phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]
Languages:English, German
Availability: 24/5
The Trading platforms: Web-based-trading
Trading platform Time zone: N/A
Demo account:No
Mobile trading: Yes
Web-based trading:Yes
Other trading instruments:Yes
Minimum deposit: $250
Maximal leverage: 1:400
Scalping allowed:N/A

Mbchains Review: Why It is a Great Broker

Mbchains Review: Why It is a Great Broker


First Impression 

Mbchains is a CFD trading broker that was just founded in 2022. Since then, it has provided services to more than 50 unique and various markets.

Although the corporation was founded in Israel, its main offices are spread across many nations, including the UK, Singapore, Australia, Cyprus, and many more. Additionally, it is designated as the Main Market for Listed Companies on the London Stock Exchange.

Mbchains is among the most reputable CFD brokers available today because numerous top-tier regulatory bodies govern it in Europe and worldwide. In addition, there haven’t been many controversies that this broker has been associated with.


Available Trading Instruments

Simply put, trading instruments are the items you use when trading. There are various trading instruments accessible in the realm of CFDs. Since Mbchains has such a large selection, you will probably be able to find something you are eager to trade.


One of the top CFD brokers on the market is Mbchains, thanks to its trading instruments. In reality, the market offers more than 2000 different instruments, such as FX pairings, indexes, commodities, etc. We shall discuss each individually to make it easier for you to comprehend everything about them.

market is Mbchains

Account Types

Your Mbchains CFD trading experience is greatly influenced by the account you use for CFD Forex trading.

While conducting research for our Mbchains review, we discovered that the broker only provides users with five live accounts. These are bronze, silver, gold, premium, and platinum accounts.

accounttypes at Mbchains.com

Anyone can use them. The highest leverage is 1:400, with more than 2000 total trading assets. Spreads on this account are extremely varied and dynamic, depending on the trading instrument, and are continuously changed following market spreads. Professional traders can use this account type because it has instant execution and many other wonderful features.

One of the most common sorts of accounts available is the demo account. This account, provided by numerous CFD brokers worldwide, was developed so that every CFD trader might gain new knowledge. The most seasoned CFD traders can also use demo accounts since they allow them to learn more about CFD Forex trading and develop various techniques and tactics for a successful CFD Forex trading experience. Demo accounts are for more than just novice CFD traders.

Our Mbchains review indicates that it provides this account type, just like many other leading CFD brokers on the market. Not the market; however, this is one of the best demo accounts. You will get virtual money from Mbchains on your sample account, which you can spend for trading in the same way that users of genuine accounts do. Additionally, the broker will replenish your virtual balance once it falls below $200. Trading rules and regulations are nearly identical to those for real-money dealers, with a maximum virtual balance of $40,000 permitted.

With this fantastic opportunity, you may learn more about CFD Forex trading and greatly improve your familiarity with the trading platform. You can utilize Mbchains to the fullest extent with this demo account, allowing you to decide whether or not you want to begin trading with real money. Before you begin trading with real money, we advise using a demo account.


Payment Method 

The only thing left to do is make a deposit into your Mbchains trading account and begin trading. Compared to other CFD brokers on the market, the $250 minimum deposit for a live account to begin trading is low. There are numerous options for payment, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and others. Users of credit or debit cards can deposit up to $39,000 instantaneously, and there is no minimum amount. You will have to wait up to three working days for withdrawals.

There is no deposit cap for individuals who use bank transfers. You can deposit as much money as you like, but it might take one to seven banking days before it shows up. Similar to users of credit/debit cards, there is a 3-business-day waiting period for withdrawals.

Despite not providing a wide variety of payment options, this CFD broker ensures that every CFD trader utilizing their platform is protected while making deposits and is highly successful at doing so.


Trading Platform 

Utilizing a broker with various trading platforms that provide you access to the market is crucial for a successful CFD Forex trading experience. There is only one trading platform for Mbchains that you can use to access a highly rich market packed with opportunities and trade resources. This trading platform was developed so that you may access it using various devices, including PCs, laptops, phones, tablets, etc., as we learned while conducting this Mbchains review.

Mbchains’ WebTrader is its primary trading platform. Although it is not on the same level as other well-known trading platforms, such as, for example, MetaTrader, it is still a beneficial trading platform. More than 2000 trading instruments, several indicator kinds, price alerts, real-aim signals, and other really useful features are all provided, which can significantly simplify trading.

None of the platforms offered by Mbchains permit automatic or copied trading. However, despite these limitations, these platforms are still quite helpful and well-designed. This trading software also provides a variety of order types, about 100 technical indicators, and many other features.

Trading Platform


Additional Information 

Getting as much knowledge as possible about the world of CFDs on Forex is one of the most crucial elements of a good CFD trading experience. We found some excellent items when examining mbchains.com that we would want to share with you right away. Despite not being the most comprehensive available, it has several resources that can be very useful for everyone, particularly those who are just entering the market.

For its traders, the CFD broker has produced some educational movies. Their website has added a unique section called Trader’s Guide. It provides a selection of quick movies on numerous subjects that traders may find important. Therefore, we strongly advise using these resources to gain more knowledge about CFD FX trading with Mbchains.

The fact that this broker’s customer support service is available around-the-clock, seven days a week, is one of its largest advantages. It is highly beneficial and responds to the traders as soon as possible. They have a unique email that we used to contact them, and we quickly received a response.

Additionally, you may always use the broker’s FAQ section, where you can readily get most of the answers you need.

Mbchains aditional infromation


Mbchains Review: Final Thoughts

One of the top brokers on the market is mbchains.com. The broker provides one of the greatest technologically functioning platforms and a sizable operating area. As there are no restrictions on any country or citizen, the platform has been used by thousands of users worldwide.

The broker’s low fees and lack of demand that you put up your entire inheritance before you can begin trading are two major advantages. Even if it could take some time, the results will be positive in the end.

The 24-hour customer support crew is another minor but crucial aspect. Very few brokers are available around-the-clock. The customer service personnel typically only works five days a week. However, with the Mbchains, you can always count on the staff and ask for assistance whenever needed. 

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