General Information

Broker Name: Mayhemfinancial
Broker Type: Forex & CFDs
Country: UK
Operating since year: 2017
Regulation: N/A
Address: 16-18 Monument St, London
Broker status: Active
Customer Service
Phone: +442920027731
Email: [email protected]
Languages: English
Availability: 24/5
The Trading platforms: Proprietary
Trading platform Time zone: N/A
Demo account: No
Mobile trading: Yes
Web-based trading: Yes
Bonuses: No
Other trading instruments: Yes
Minimum deposit: $250
Maximal leverage: 1:500
Spread: Floating From 0.0 Pips
Scalping allowed: Yes


  • General Information & First Impressions
  • Fund and Account Security
  • Account info at mayhemfinancial.com
  • Mayhemfinancial’s Trading Platform
  • Conclusion
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Mayhemfinancial Review – Detailed analysis of the broker

Mayhemfinancial Review - Detailed analysis of the broker


General Information & First Impressions

Mayhemfinancial is a UK-based online brokerage that offers various trading services to its users. It strives to be a company able to accept many different traders, both budget and skill-wise. To that end, it operates via CFDs and has many different account options that suit different budgets. Our Mayhemfinancial review will inspect the broker and let you see whether it suits you.

Of course, before we go into the broker’s stats and features, it’s good to have a short discussion about CFD brokers. We believe such brokerages are significantly more beneficial to users than other types. They bring numerous advantages in versatility, as the brokerage can create a wider base of assets for its service. Not only that, but it has functional advantages, such as liquidity and overall price reduction.

However, scammers seem to think that, too, as they choose to pose as CFD brokerages. That has birthed a common misconception that all CFD brokerages are scams. And while more caution is required due to the abundance of fraudulent companies, not all of them are bad. You’re missing out on profits if you disregard brokerages purely because they’re CFD companies.

Later in our Mayhemfinancial review, we’ll check out its security, but we’re not there yet. We need to talk about the broker’s initial experience via its website, which is quite good. The company allows you to read about it slowly while presenting its properties clearly. That way, beginners won’t feel overwhelmed, and experienced traders won’t waste their time.

That approach has made us eager to learn more, as it shows the broker respects its customers, unlike many others.


Fund and Account Security

There are numerous bad actors online, many of whom have congregated in the finance world. It’s not hard to see why; finance has much money going around, letting them steal a lot if they’re successful. However, that means you must put security first if you operate in any online finance space.

As we said earlier in our mayhemfinancial.com review, many scam brokerages choose to pose as CFDs. As traders often find CFD brokers most attractive, that’s their way of luring people in. That has made it difficult for good CFD brokerages to come through and solidify their position.

However, we investigate every broker based on their own merits. Although CFDs sadly don’t have the best reputation anymore, we believe they’re more beneficial to traders. As such, we’re always glad to find a CFD company that provides a service rather than trying to steal money.

We did the same research with Mayhemfinancial, and we’ll outline our findings here. The bottom line is that we strongly believe Mayhemfinancial is a real, honest, and morally sound brokerage.

We believe that due to a multitude of reasons, and one is the broker’s overall behavior. It doesn’t act like scam brokers, it doesn’t withhold information, and it doesn’t promise impossible features.

However, a much larger part comes from the fact that the brokerage operates from the UK. That means it needs to comply with local laws and regulations to keep running, which are much stricter than other popular brokerage locations. Scam brokers intentionally choose low-regulation areas, so Mayhemfinancial’s choice is reassuring.

As we said earlier in our Mayhemfinancial review, we doubt you’ll have any security issues with the broker.


Account Info at mayhemfinancial.com

The accounts at mayhemfinancial.com do a good job of ensuring the broker can service both budget and high-end traders. You’re likely already familiar with the structure, as it’s a popular and common one among online brokerages. In other words, it has different deposit requirements for different account types.

The structure is popular for numerous reasons, and the first is the elimination of account costs. Reaching the required thresholds isn’t easy and definitely isn’t for everyone. However, once you reach them, there’s no other cost to the accounts themselves. And even while reaching the deposits, you’re not paying anything; you’re simply funding your trading.

That way, everyone can stay at any level they’re comfortable with or progress without caring too much. Let’s say you’ve set aside $25,000 for trading over the next period. You can deposit that and get the Silver account option, which has some fantastic benefits. And if you start doing good and earning more money, you may want to invest more to maximize your earnings.

As you repeat that process over time, your cumulative deposits may reach $50,000. And then you automatically get upgraded to the Gold account. Without any additional effort, you’ve successfully upgraded your service.

But even if the numbers we’ve mentioned above seem daunting, don’t worry. The brokerage’s cheapest account only requires a $250 deposit, which should be fairly easy to reach. And even that account outperforms most options in similar price ranges. As such, anyone can have a pleasant and competitive trading experience with the broker.

Here’s a rundown of the account options on mayhemfinancial.com:

Account Info at mayhemfinancial.com



  • Minimum Deposit: $250
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Basic Market Education Sessions
  • Personalised Trading Alerts


  • Minimum Deposit: $25000
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Basic Market Education Sessions
  • Personalised Trading Alerts
  • Risk-Free Trades


  • Minimum Deposit: $100000
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Basic Market Education Sessions
  • Personalised Trading Alerts
  • Risk-Free Trades
  • Access to OTC Trading
  • Access to Arbitrage Trading


  • Minimum Deposit: $500000
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Basic Market Education Sessions
  • Personalised Trading Alerts
  • Risk-Free Trades
  • Higher Leverage
  • Access to OTC Trading
  • Access to Arbitrage Trading
  • Independent Contract
  • Premium Platform Support


Mayhemfinancial’s Trading Platform

Mayhemfinancial’s Trading Platform

The last important bit to the broker’s overall service is its platform. Throughout our Mayhemfinancial review, it has become apparent that the broker focuses on versatility and openness. Its platform is no different, maximizing output while being comprehensive enough for even brand-new traders.

Of course, we’re not saying a complete beginner will utilize its full potential on day one. But if you’re at all tech-savvy, you’ll be able to understand enough to start trading. As you become more acquainted with the platform, it’ll be a bigger and bigger boon in your overall trading process.

That’s because the platform isn’t only easy to understand, but it’s also quite powerful. It has numerous features that help you improve the precision of your trade predictions and customize your experience. There’s even also a welcome bonus that you can utilize to boost your initial earnings. Overall, it ties together Mayhemfinancial’s service and shows that the broker has no real weak spots.


Mayhemfinancial Review: Conclusion

Mayhemfinancial is a powerful brokerage that also puts a significant emphasis on a good user experience. That way, it becomes much more well-rounded than companies offering a similar service.

Many brokers neglect the importance of making your service feel good to use. That way, the experience becomes frustrating, degrading trader performance and making trading less comfortable. And since trading is mostly stressful as-is, we’re glad Mayhemfinancial doesn’t introduce an additional stress avenue. It alleviates the frustration as much as possible, leading to longer, higher-quality trading sessions.

From our Mayhemfinancial review, it’s quite clear we’re impressed with the broker. If you’re searching for a new space to trade, mayhemfinancial.com is a safe bet.



  1. Where is Mayhemfinancial’s head office?

Mayhemfinancial is based in London, UK.

  1. Is Mayhemfinancial a regulated broker?

Mayhemfinancial operates within its local legislation requirements.

  1. Can I trust Mayhemfinancial?

As we outlined in the security portion of our Mayhemfinancial review, we believe it to be an entirely safe and trustworthy company.

  1. What type of broker is Mayhemfinancial?

Mayhemfinancial is a CFD broker.

  1. Where is Mayhemfinancial available?

Mayhemfinancial is available everywhere except in a handful of countries.

  1. Can I trade crypto on Mayhemfinancial?

Yes, crypto trading is one of Mayhemfinancial’s primary focuses.

  1. How do I use Mayhemfinancial’s trading station?

After you deposit at least the minimal amount, you’ll be able to use Mayhemfinancial’s platform like any other trading station.

  1. What is the minimum deposit on Mayhemfinancial?

The cheapest account option requires a $250 deposit.

  1. How long does Mayhemfinancial application take?

The verification process is pretty quick. You should have your account within the same day.

  1. How much money can you make on Mayhemfinancial?

There is no maximum amount you can earn; it depends on your skill and the time you spend trading.

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