Market News and Charts for January 03, 2019

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The pair was expected to bounce back and retest its previous highs. The relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia began to fall during the issue of the killing of a Saudi Arabian citizen and a journalist in Washington Post in the US. In recent news, Netflix had pulled out a comedy show “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” from its internet streaming service in Saudi Arabia after officials of the kingdom complained. The episode of the comedy show in question criticized the country over the killing of Jamal Khashoggi last year at the kingdom’s consulate in Turkey. Amnesty International denounced “Saudi Arabia’s censorship of Netflix as “further proof of a relentless crackdown on freedom of expression. The United States had sanctioned 17 individuals involved in the killing amid rising pressure from Donald Trump to halt its arms sales on Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen.

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The pair was expected to break out of the resistance line in the following days. Today, January 03, marks the 31st day of the 60 days that the United States had given Russia to comply with the INF (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) Treaty after Donald Trump threatens to withdraw. The United States accused Russia of building intermediate-range nuclear warheads on its border with Norway and called out China to be included in the treaty due to its increasing nuclear capability. Withdrawal from the treaty means that the United States and Russia can develop a new generation of a weapon of mass destruction, which threatens Europe to become the war zone between the two countries just like what happened during the Cold War. The United States already deployed nuclear arsenals and military equipment in Poland. Poland is a part of the enlargement of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), and a former member of the Warsaw Pact together with former Soviet nations.

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The pair was seen to bounce back from the support line of its uptrend channel. The withdrawal of the United States from Syria’s civil war left Israel as the only remaining protector of the Syrian opposition. Israel had technically been in a state of war with the Syrian Government since 1948. The United States proclaimed that Islamic State militants were already defeated, which prompted the country to withdraw. Syria had been a war zone for Islamic States militants, the Syrian opposition, and the Syrian Government. The civil war in Syria started in 2011 as part of the wider wave of 2010 Arab Spring, or a series of anti-government protest in the Middle East. Russia and the United States brokered the ceasefire in Syria. Russia and Iran were supporters of the Syrian Government, while the United States and Israel were supporters of the Russian opposition.

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The pair was expected to continue going up in the following days. The Euro currency will celebrate its 20th anniversary on January 08, 2019 as the official currency of the European Union, with seven (7) countries currently on deck to adopt the currency in the immediate future. However, a populist surge in the European Union could change the future of the bloc. The Freedom Party (Nationalist) had returned to Austrian Government, Viktor Orban – the bete noire of Brussels – had been re-elected in Hungary with an even larger vote, and Milos Zeman, which was suspected to be a Kremlin stooge, had won another term as the president of the Czech Republic after he campaigns with the idea of an in-or-out referendum of the country’s EU membership. His win came just a few months after the Czechs have elected the billionaire and populist Andrej Babis as its new Prime Minister. In a recent move by Germany, its military consulted its EU partners, including several countries in eastern Europe such as Poland and the Czech Republic as it looks to increase its personnel by 21,000 in the next seven years. It has reportedly received a lukewarm response, amid fears in Warsaw and Prague that the German military is looking to poach its highest qualified military personnel by luring them with better pay.

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