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KIWI DEFI is Already Available. What are its Advantages?


Kiwi Defi (KWD) is a new promising project with a well-defined roadmap. Its protocol works similarly to Ethereum, allowing investors to easily exchange their digital assets without fear of scams or forgery.


DeFi uses the power of blockchain decentralization and transparency, creating open finance. While banks work as middlemen during usual financial transactions and get fees in their service, there are no middlemen in DeFi because transactions happen directly between seller and buyer. So, owners have absolute control over their assets, and no third party can freeze or manipulate their accounts.


Besides, blockchains are open source, and it’s relatively easy to build, operate and develop Defi applications on blockchains.


Kiwi Defi is a decentralized protocol, and it’s based on the TRON protocol. It works with smart contracts, which uses Byzantine fault tolerance algorithms. They help protect all the transacted information from being easily tampered with or stolen and used for scams. After the user activates a smart contract, the editing becomes unavailable.  


Users can store smart contracts on a blockchain in an arbitrary state and interact with them through transactions. These transactions may result in sending money from one smart contract to another smart contract or from one account to another.


What about the KIWI DEFI ecosystem?


Kiwi Defi has a diverse ecosystem, which is easy to use. For instance, Kiwi Swap aims to facilitate financial transactions with lower fees and increased speed. It will also launch many other optimized features while offering increased security for exchanges.


Kiwi Staking is a betting service platform. It enables users to bet fixed assets in the TRON blockchain. However, the cost of wagering depends on the value of the transaction.


Furthermore, Kiwi Farming is designed to help traders or investors farm and receive more rewards for themselves by locking in electronic assets. The rewards can come from several sources.


There is also Kiwi Fund. Its mission is to generate a profit from the KWD tokens. And here is good news. KWD tokens are already available. ICO trading begins today, and investors can buy 1KWD for 1$. A total of 1,000,000KWD are for sale. However, investors have only until April 9, 2021, to purchase the tokens during ICO.

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