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General Information
Broker NameKiexo
Broker Type:Forex
Country:Saint Vincent
Operating since year: 2020
Regulation:operates under the laws of St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Address:Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
Broker status: Active
Customer Service
Phone: +18888189801
Email: [email protected]
Languages:English, Portuguese
Availability: 24/5
Trading platforms:MetaTrader 5
Trading platform Time zone: GMT+2
Demo account: N/A
Mobile trading: Yes
Web-based trading: Yes
Bonuses: Yes
Other trading instruments: N/A
Minimum deposit ($): $100
Maximal leverage: 1:400
Spread: N/A
Scalping allowed: N/A

Broker Review: Kiexo


  • KIEXO REVIEW CONCLUSION Review – Broker’s General Information

Kiexo is a fresh broker that started to operate in 2020. Their initial goal was to conquer the market of Portuguese-speaking countries. However, they have decided to spread their influence and provide an English version of their website as well.

Some parts still need translation, but it’s okay because you can understand everything from the context. Traders may want to learn more about Kiexo’s service, so we will mention some of its main benefits.

We will highlight some of Kiexo’s main advantages for traders who want to know more about their service.

Various account types and trading instruments available

They have various account types and trading instruments, which prevents them from getting bored in the finance world. The broker operates from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, more precisely, Beachmont, Kingstown.

One of Kiexo’s strongest points is, without a doubt, variety. No matter if you look at their account typing, or amount of assets, you see a plethora of options to explore. As such, traders that like to constantly change things up might be drawn to the broker.

On the other hand, many traders might want to learn more about the overall service, and that’s why we want to present some of Kiexo’s biggest benefits.

Traders may want to learn more about Kiexo’s service, so we will emphasize its main benefits. review!

Many ways to invest, one place to do it.


Kiexo excels in providing its customers with the most effective ways to research and predict the market. That ranges from the usual educational content to powerful analytical tools, and even live advisors.


As we already mentioned, variety is one of Kiexo’s biggest selling points. With an above-average account type count and a way above average trading instrument number at their hands, it’s near-certain that traders won’t feel the monotony sometimes associated with the finance world.


Many firms opt to add fees or commissions to trades, deposits, or withdrawals as an easy way to increase earnings. That usually doesn’t bother traders as much as it should, as those small fees add up to large numbers over extended time periods.

Even the smallest extra charges mean the odds are stacked against you, so you should choose brokers like Kiexo, that do not impose those.

Keixo: research impowers you

Funds Trading and Security at Kiexo

As more and more scams pop up online, security becomes a crucial issue for many brokers. Losing money while trading is a big enough risk already, there’s no need to stack the chance of someone robbing you on top of that. Because of that, many stick to brokers that have been around for ages and miss out on the improved service younger firms provide.

The safety at Kiexo isn’t as strong as brokers that have been around for over a decade, but it’s entirely serviceable. The regulation info is unknown, and their reputation hasn’t had the time to form yet, but that’s entirely normal for a new broker.

So far, we don’t see anything that would indicate malicious behavior from the broker. At the rate Kiexo is improving their service, we expect that they’ll sort out the minimal issues they have in no-time.

Kiexo Trading Accounts

While there’s no option for a demo account at Kiexo, the cheapest, Newbie account, sets you back just $250. For serious traders, that’s a small investment for a potentially amazing services. So, you shouldn’t be afraid of trying it out.

However, once you move past that, you discover that Kiexo provides more options than other brokers by a significant margin. Counting the Newbie account, you can see that there are eight live account types available.

Eight account variations is more than most brokers on the market. It shows that Kiexo, although it may be flawed in some areas, is promising a significant upgrade over other brokers. Here’s a more detailed list of the account types with their specifications:

Start with 2.5$ - keixo

Account types at Keixo

Another account types at keixo

VIP PRO Prestigious trading account package


  • Minimum Deposit: $10,000
  • Diverse Market Offerings: Indices and Energies
  • Comprehensive Investment Tools for Daily Trading
  • Availability of Weekly Trading Signals
  • Competitive Pricing in the Market
  • Various Execution Order Options
  • Support for Multiple Languages



  • Minimum Deposit: $30,000
  • Cutting-edge Market Options: Stocks and Energies
  • Comprehensive Investment Tools for Daily Trading
  • Robust Resources for Fundamental Trading
  • Opportunity for Multi-Asset Trading
  • Competitive Market Pricing
  • Versatile Execution Order Options
  • Support for Multiple Languages



  • Minimum Deposit: $100,000
  • Advanced markets: Stocks, Currencies
  • In-depth investing tools for daily trading
  • Daily technical and main materials
  • Signals with comprehensive analysis
  • Complex charting and indicators
  • Low market pricing
  • Multiple execution orders
  • 24/5 multi-language support



  • Minimum Deposit: $500,000
  • Customized trading portfolio
  • Advanced global market instruments
  • In-depth investing tools for daily trading
  • Daily technical and primary materials
  • Live signals with analysis
  • Complex charting and indicators
  • Low market pricing
  • Multiple execution orders
  • 24/5 multi-language support



  • Minimum Deposit: $1,000,000
  • Islamic Accounts
  • Customized trading portfolio
  • Thousands of market products
  • In-depth investing tools for daily trading
  • Daily technical and main trading materials
  • Live signals with analysis
  • Complex charting and indicators
  • Low and allotted market pricing
  • Multiple execution orders
  • 24/5 multi-language support


  • Minimum Deposit: $5,000,000
  • Islamic Accounts
  • Customized trading portfolio
  • Customized investing materials
  • Thousands of market products
  • All-inclusive daily trading tools
  • Daily technical and fundamental signals
  • Daily comprehensive analysis
  • Complex charting and indicators
  • Low and allotted market pricing
  • Sophisticated investment resources
  • Advanced execution orders
  • 24-hour multi-language assistance

Trading Conditions at Kiexo

The trading conditions at Kiexo are good and only get better as you progress through accounts. As a baseline constant through each type, you get tight spreads and a leverage of 1:400. Further loyalty in the form of investments gets you different added benefits to aid predictions. Beyond that, the assets are plentiful, and the trading platform is quite reliable.

When you move on to the investment and withdrawal methods, you’ll see that they’re plentiful and quite quick. As we already mentioned, there are no fees tacked on, so you can enjoy a fair trading experience.

As far as trading conditions go, Kiexo is definitely far above the new broker average, competing with established companies. We’re sure they’ll improve even further in the future. Thus, we are looking forward to seeing how they evolve.

Trading Platform

Trade on international markets with our powerful multi-asset platform

Kiexo uses a platform most traders have already heard of – the MetaTrader5. MetaTrader is a company that’s been at the forefront of the trading platform technology for quite a while now. The fifth installment of the software provides meaningful improvements over MT4 in convenience while losing no functionality.

The platform’s intuitive controls lets new traders jump into the business quickly, while its powerful analytical tools provide veterans with a way to increase the precision of their predictions.

Two significant convenience features

There are also two significant convenience features in the web and mobile clients. Essentially, both serve the same purpose — trading while you’re not at your home or office desktop. The web client achieves that by letting you trade at any desktop without the need to download anything.

On the other hand, the mobile app does require a download but lets you buy or sell anywhere, as long as you’ve got your phone with you.

Naturally, you’ll need an internet connection to access either of the functions we mentioned above. However, you don’t need to worry about your data getting disorganized, as all instances of MT5 have a built-in synchronization function.

Kiexo’s Trading Products

Throughout our review, we have mentioned that there are a lot of trading instruments at Kiexo. However, we believe you’d still be nowhere near guessing the number of available assets. Namely, across all their categories, there’s a whopping number of over 1500 trading instruments you can buy or sell.

That variety is rivaled by very few brokers, regardless of their age, size, or status. They did not even make the mistake of stocking up one category while disregarding others, instead choosing to distribute the assets in a balanced way.

Here’s a list of the categories that the trading instruments fall under:

Customer Service

The customer service at Kiexo runs 24/5, meaning you’ll even be able to get help during nighttime. The options you can use are precisely the ones you’ve come to expect, in the popular email, phone line, and live chat trio.

Kiexo Review: Conclusion

There’s no broker that provides a perfect service, and while Kiexo is flawed, it’s refreshing to see someone finally willing to move boundaries. While the security may be a pressing concern to some, there’s a very low likelihood of anything going wrong on that front. However, you can get an astounding, diverse experience rivaled by others.

Kiexo is the perfect long-term home for loyal traders that enjoy variety. The plethora of assets ensures your trading won’t be boring, and your loyalty in investments is rewarded in improved account specifications.

Even if you don’t fit the description, we suggest that you give Kiexo a shot, as you might get surprised by what you see. For additional information you can always check the official review! Good luck!


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