Jeff Bezos promises $1 billion to fight climate change

On Monday, Jeff Bezos promised to transfer $1 billion in donations this year, focusing on conservation purposes.

The promise expands within the Amazon founder Earth Fund, which he started last year to accomplish his $10 billion confinement to battle climate change. The Bezos Earth Fund promised to donate approximately $1 billion per year to scientists, activists, and other organizations working on the globe’s climate crisis. The fund has a goal of spending $10 billion in the following ten years.

After presenting this year’s conservation plan, the fund stated that it plans to support food system transportation industries, and landscape restoration in the following years.

In a release, the Bezos Earth Fund said that the fund would use the latest round of grants to build, develop, maintain and observe conserved and preserved areas.

The fund has not yet revealed which organizations will get the donations. However, they said they would prioritize areas where the fund focuses on the conservation of Indigenous peoples and other local communities. At the beginning of this month, the fund said it would donate $204.7 million to groups promoting climate regulation by the end of 2021.

Facebook fails to protect its users

The company spent the whole weekend defending itself after a set of narratives in The Wall Street Journal. The Journal exposed these stories last week, revealing how far Facebook has gone prioritizing profits over the safety of its users.

A major news outlet published these troubling stories about Facebook and the management of its leaders. It resulted in massive criticism and warnings by lawmakers to control the company. 

After that, Facebook apologized, but it did not seem as if they were concerned. On Saturday, Facebook’s vice president of global affairs published t a blog post with a title saying that it contained the information of what the Wall Street Journal did not get right about Facebook.

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