Jake Paul NFT: What is an NFT in Boxing?

In the last few years, we have witnessed a technological revolution thanks to cryptocurrencies, especially NFTs, which have driven the world crazy. There is almost no crypto enthusiast who has not entered the world of NFT. In the following, we will reveal more about the Jake Paul NFT, what it is and why it has become so popular lately.

NFTs have, undoubtedly, become the latest trend for many. That is why it is not surprising why this trend has affected famous stars all over the planet to launch their tokens, as Jake Paul did with his NFT.

But before we touch on the Jake Paul NFT story and who he is, we first want to point out what NFT means to all those beginners who have just sailed into this crypto universe and want to learn the basics about it.

What is NFT exactly?

NFT is a term that stands for a non-fungible token which means that it is a non-interchangeable unit of data that’s stored on Blockchain technology. It is a specific form of digital ledger that is able to be sold and traded. NFT data types are primarily associated with digital files such as videos, photos, audio, and even memes, game assets, GIFs, etc.

Since each token is considered to be uniquely identifiable, Non-Fungible Tokens differ from Blockchain cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and numerous other altcoins. Non-Fungible Token ledgers provide proof of ownership and a public certificate of authenticity.

NFTs don’t restrict copying or sharing of the underlying digital files.

However, the legal rights that a Non-Fungible Token conveys are still uncertain. Even when it comes to NFTs of famous people, like Jake Paul NFT, it’s crucial to understand that Non-Fungible Tokens do not restrict copying or sharing of the underlying digital files and don’t prevent the creation of Non-Fungible Tokens with associated files that are identical.

Non-Fungible Tokens, actually, function as cryptographic tokens. However, unlike cryptos like Bitcoin or Ethereum, Non-Fungible Tokens aren’t interchangeable. It means that they are not fungible. Each Non-Fungible Token represents a different underlying asset and has an additional value.

Who is Jake Paul?

Before we give you all the necessary information about the Jake Paul NFT, we’d like to introduce you to Jake Paul in the first place. Who is he? Why is his NFT so essential and popular lately?

First of all, Jake Paul is a person who gained immense popularity being a professional athlete, i.e. one of the most famous boxers today, entertainer, entrepreneur, and, last but not least significant, a world-renowned investor. He is listed as one of the top five worldwide creators and the one who’s most searched on Google for four years now.

Jake Paul is also among the most influential people on Twitter and other social media platforms. In the past several years, Jake Paul has managed to create a real media empire via:

  • His merchandise
  • Branded content
  • Collaborations
  • Record-breaking PPV buys
  • Founding of the Anti Fund Investment Fund with Geoffery Woo, his partner.

Paul’s boxing career

Jake Paul has focused on his professional career as a boxer for the past couple of years. He has dedicated his time to a severe and intense training program. When writing this, Paul is 2-0 against AnEsonGib and Nate Robinson.

He’ll feature against Ben Askren in the Triller’s upcoming match and the title card bout. As a youtube superstar, Jake has managed to evolve into a successful professional boxer that will eventually lead him to great popularity and create the Jake Paul NFT.

Jake Paul NFT Collection – get all the crucial information

Now that you’ve learned about the NFT basics and Jake Paul, a professional boxer, it is time to learn more about the Jake Paul NFT collection. Jake is delighted with his debut NFT collection called “The Future Of Boxing”, which has come into the spotlight lately.

The collection, or as someone likes to call it, “the drop”, is centred around his immense love for Boxing in general as a sport. The Future Of Boxing consists of elegant, advanced visionary, and dynamic art pieces that depict Boxing significantly.

Specifically, these pieces were curated as timeless collectables, known as Jake Paul NFT collectables that cause memories, joy, and pure emotion. Right after Jake defeats Ben Askren in the ring on April 17th on Triller, there will be the auction which is a perfect time that can be shared with his collectors and fans forever.

Jake Paul Partnership with Nafter

The story about Jake Paul partnering with Nafter is fascinating since Nafter is considered the world’s number one NFT social network. Nafter is a blockchain-based Non-Fungible Token online marketplace and social network that allows all its creators to mint NFTs on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks.

In 2020 Jake Paul made his boxing debut in Miami against AnEsonGib, a youtube superstar better known as Gib. Paul’s tremendous success as a professional boxer is underlined by what happens to be his current undefeated record of 3 knockouts and four wins.

Since Jake’s very passionate about the Blockchain industry in general, he came up with the idea for his own Jake Paul NFT, and that’s where Nafter comes in.

Jake’s Auction on Nafter

His collaboration with Nafter has started with an exclusive and unique Non-Fungible Token that Jake Paul will mint by himself. His original and exclusive NFT will be on the auction on Nafter with a starting bid price of incredible 25,000 NAFT tokens. It’s essential to understand that all bidding can be done only in NAFT tokens.

The CEO of Nafter has stated that they are all excited to have Jake Paul with them, mainly because he has decided to mint his original NFTs with Nafter. Even more exciting to the CEO was that Jake chose NAFT token as the only payment method for his NFT bids.

In his opinion, it will be a tremendous and exciting debut on Nafter V1.1, a great display of confidence on that platform, and the NAFT token features. It’s a great demonstration of future content creators and influencers who’d like to use the Nafter platform for minting their content and exploring the fantastic world of Non-Fungible Tokens.

NFT in Boxing – learn what it is exactly

What some of you are probably interested in about this whole story is what does NFT represent in the world of Boxing? To learn what NFT is in Boxing, it’s essential to know that many professional boxers have their NFT on blockchain technology available to their fans from all over the world.

There are a lot of Boxing NFT collections that are available across many platforms. We’ve witnessed NFts of big superstar boxers such as Jake Paul, Mike Tyson, Olexander Usyk, Tyson Fury, Muhammad Ali, and Floyd Mayweather. These are just some examples of NFTs in Boxing.

Long story short, successful and popular boxers have started launching their original NFTs on the blockchain for their fans. They are taking advantage of their star power to monetize their most meaningful and essential moments in the ring. As a final result, each knockout of their opponents is most likely to become a Non-Fungible Token that will live on forever.

Jake Paul NFT Collection Summary

As we’ve learned from this article, Jake Paul is best known as a social media superstar and professional boxer. He has managed to take NFTs to an entirely different level by introducing million-dollar kickouts.

Get to know the Breakdown of Jake Paul’s famous NFT Collection:

  • 1st one: Triller minted ‘Former NBA player Nate Robinson’ knockout
  • 2nd one: Triller minted ‘Former UFC fighter Ben Askren’ knockout

Jake shares profits from his original Non-Fungible Tokens to go towards his boxing bullies foundation. In that way, Jake Paul directly supports youth who are getting cyber-bullied with the mission to build their confidence, and therefore, the quality of their lives.

Future of Boxing Collection by Jake Paul – Statistics

At the time of writing the article about Jake Paul NFT, here are the statistics of Jake Paul’s Future of Boxing Collection:

  • NFTs sold: 1
  • Trading Volume: $242
  • Average Price: $242
  • Floor Price: =0.08
  • Total Supply: 282
  • Owners: 122
  • Top Selling: Unreleased Jake Paul featuring NLE Choppa song #16/69

Tips for starting your own NFT project

If you were intrigued by the Jake Paul NFT story, you’re probably wondering how it’s possible that you, as an individual, are minting your original NFT. If you are interested in something like this, here are the necessary steps you need to take to succeed in that endeavour:

  1. Learn about NFTs – You must understand what NFT is and be always on top of the latest developments and news in this industry.
  2. Be 100% assured that you’d like to sell your own NFT. There will be potential issues with transaction fees and ways to sell your NFTs. See if it pays off for you and how.
  3. Pick the right platform to sell your NFTs – There are a lot of fraudulent websites in this industry. It would be great if you were sure that you’d chosen the right and secure platform where you’ll be selling your NFTs.
  4. Set up a wallet – This is one of the most critical steps you need to take to start your own NFT project. Wallets represent applications where you’ll store your cryptocurrencies and NFTs that you end up minting or buying.
  5. Connect your wallet – After you’ve set up your wallet, it is essential to connect it with the NFT marketplace you plan on using.
  6. Create your NFT – Now that you’ve done all this, it is time to create your NFT! After you’ve connected your wallet, you will see the page you use to create an NFT.
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