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IOM, Technology Industries Team up to Stop Human Trafficking

IOM partnered with global technology companies, civil society organizations, and UN agencies in eradicating human trafficking. The said collaboration aims to launch “Tech Against Trafficking.”

British Telecom (BT), Microsoft, and Nokia are the founding members. This dialogue happened in an event which tackled “The Role of Digital Technology in Tackling Modern Slavery.” This is to explore the utilization of technology’s power to stop human trafficking. The “Tech Against Trafficking” sets in building and amplifying some of these companies’ potential.

Laura Okkonen is the head of Human Right at Nokia. She said that there is a need to collaborate more closely as an industry. Moreover, this is to unify forces with experts in fighting to stop human trafficking.

 New Zealand holds expo on deer industry technology
An expo about deer industry technology happened in New Zealand.

“That way, we will maximize the positive impact of technology while also continuing to foster an open and transparent dialogue within the coalition, as well as with our other stakeholders,” she said.

Recently, a tech company tracked a ship which was carrying the victims off the coast of Papua New Guinea. This effort was in collaboration with the investigative journalists at the Associated Press that resulted in the freeing of 2,000 people.

Meanwhile, Anh Nguyen is the head of IOM’s Migrant Protection and Assistance Division in Geneva.

“Traffickers are adept at using new information and communications technologies to exploit people. We must be creative: technological advances can also be used to help combat trafficking, and better identify and protect victims. IOM is therefore very pleased that leading tech companies have joined forces, and we look forward to supporting their efforts,” Nguyen said.

The focus of “Tech Against Trafficking” is on mapping and analyzing the landscape of the current initiatives of technology. Mobile apps, basic hardware, national helplines, data tools, and supply chain transparency tools are the focus areas.

New Zealand holds expo on deer industry technology

New Zealand held the Deer Technology Expo which features technology and information in enhancing deer farming operations’ performance.

With Southland branch of the New Zealand Deer Farmers Association’s support, Deer Industry New Zealand organized the event.

This one-day expo served as an avenue where farmers could talk with one another to various deer industry technology providers.

Nutrition, finance, animal health, genetics, environmental, communication and farm systems were the covered topics during the event.

Meanwhile, Sharon McIntyre is the deer genetics manager of Deer Industry New Zealand. According to her, the event is about convincing the deer farmers about the data’s relevance to their farming business.

Earlier fawning was one of the newer breeding values (BVs).

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