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Investors can already begin DFI token staking on KuCoin 

DeFiChain announced on Thursday that staking rewards for its DFI token is launching on KuCoin, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange companies. DeFiChain is a DeFi platform for the Bitcoin ecosystem. Investors can stake DFI on KuCoin in the Pool-X platform. The latter offers users the flexibility to add and stake their tokens in the pool or withdraw at any time they want.

A representative of KuCoin stated that they are delighted to provide their customers with the opportunity to earn rewards using their DFI assets. It is a simple, straightforward, and accessible way for customers to increase their crypto wealth. The platform is committed to making cryptocurrencies more accessible to all.

Users can hold their staked DFI on the KuCoin platform, thus utilizing the exchange’s easily manageable in-house custody solution. When KuCoin stakes a crypto asset, the exchange delegates it. That means the tokens remain in the platform’s control.

Earlier this month, the DeFiChain community agreed on a DFI coin burn from Cake DeFi to the value of almost $500M. That consequently led to a price increase of DFI.

DAFI Protocol and Reef Finance will integrate Synthetic Token for rewards

DAFI Protocol and Reef Finance are well-known for most blockchain and DeFi participants. DAFI helps decentralized economies leverage dTokens (synthetic tokens) as rewards. Ultimately, this platform is aiding create engaged and sustainable communities across the industry.

Reef Finance is the cross-chain DeFi operating system. It is built on Polkadot and is currently the leading smart liquidity aggregator, as well as an advanced DeFi yield engine. Reef provides a seamless user interface that helps customers to execute smooth trades. The platform has built one of the most diverse and engaged communities in the industry.

These two companies announced a strategic partnership today. They plan to integrate dTokens in Reef’s ecosystem. The partnership will give Reef customers various benefits, including an increased incentive to long-term users.

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