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General Information
Broker Name: INVCenter
Broker Type: Forex & CFD
Country: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Operating since year: 2018
Regulation: /
Address: First floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd. Building, James street, P.O.B 1574, Kingstown VC0100 St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Broker status: Active
Customer Service
Phone: +44 20 3991 0009
Email: [email protected]
Languages: English, German, Portuguese
Availability: 24/6
The Trading platforms: Proprietary
Trading platform Time zone: /
Demo account: /
Mobile trading: Yes
Web-based trading: Yes
Bonuses: Yes
Other trading instruments: Yes
Minimum deposit ($): 200
Maximal leverage: 1:200
Spread: Tight
Scalping allowed: Yes



INVCenter Review 2021 – The Broker You Need

INVCenter - The Broker You Need

General Information

INVCenter is a new broker that offers the complete trading experience. Its services focus on CFD and forex trading, although it also provides the recently popular crypto trading.

The broker’s offices are located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Its precise address is First floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd. Building, James Street, P.O.B 1574, Kingstown. Our INVCenter review will help you determine if it’s the right brokerage for your needs.

INVCenter is an all-in-one forex and CFD broker, which means it goes beyond simple trading services. Namely, you’ll be able to complete the entire trading process, including education and analysis, using what the broker offers. It accomplishes that impressive task by providing thoroughly crafted educational materials, as well as analytical and utility tools. The excellent materials and tools allow it to create an all-around experience, where neither beginners nor experts get left behind.

Naturally, we’ll go into more detail about those in other areas of our INVCenter review. But it is sufficient to say, the initial impression it leaves is fantastic. However, the materials and tools that are apparent straight away aren’t the only reason for the positive opinion. Namely, the way the broker lays out its website is praiseworthy on its own.

As soon as you open the broker’s homepage and scroll down, you get a gist of its service. That’s in stark contrast with common shady brokerages that do everything they can to hide info from users. On top of that, you can see that visually and functionally, the broker put significant effort into its website. That makes browsing INVCenter’s website much more convenient and shows us that it’s willing to go the extra mile.

Before we delve deeper into INVCenter’s service, we’d like to present some of its features we enjoyed the most:

INVCenter's service

  • Excellent Support Structure

While there’s a ton to complain about most brokers, the most frequent trader’s complaint regards customer support. And while that may sound strange at first, it’s entirely logical, as issues or even just questions are common.

When you’re using an online service, you can’t expect everything to always go smoothly. A competent customer service team mends that issue and makes it nearly non-existent. Conversely, a group of clumsy and slow representatives can grind traders’ experiences to a halt.

That’s why INVCenter’s support structure deserves praise, as it ensures your trading can go on non-stop. Not only are the representatives quick and knowledgeable, but they work an extra day over standard brokers. That means less downtime for customers and no missed trading opportunities.

  • Top-Tier Additional Tools

As we mentioned earlier in our INVCenter review, the additional services are a significant part of the overall experience. While the trading itself is top-notch, the tools are what takes the broker to the next level. They allow newbies to learn and experts to analyze, removing the need for a third-party software.

That makes the broker a truly complete experience since you can fulfill all your trading needs in one place. On top of that, there’s a news section to help you stay on top of current events in relevant financial fields.

  • No Additional Charges at INVCenter

Brokers often impose hefty fees on trading and deposits/withdrawals as a profit-boosting method. INVCenter doesn’t employ such strategies, instead, it opts for an entirely transparent spread-based structure. That allows it to let users trade at minuscule costs, offering them the best prices possible.

In fact, the trading itself is much more favorable than with other brokers. Particularly because a larger portion of your money goes into trades. That, in turn, makes it simpler to maintain profits, which should be the end-goal for most traders.


Funds Trading and Security

Funds Trading and Security

Security is also one of the vital factors to a broker’s success. After all, a lack of protection can lead to equally devastating losses as a bad trade can. On an emotional level, they might be even worse. Because with safety issues, you can’t say you’ve done anything wrong. That’s why our first tip is to ensure that the brokerages you frequent put your security first.

Luckily, we can confidently say that INVCenter is one of those brokers. It does a significant amount of work to ensure its customers don’t need to worry about foul play. Namely, it has SSL-encryption, drastically reducing any opportunity hackers might have to take advantage of users.

The safety measure scrambles everything you input, meaning you’re the only person that can see it. That translates to all your payment and personal data being safe, as well as your trades remaining private.

On a local level, the broker promises maximum safety for user funds. That means it only keeps them in excellent banks, where they can’t simply disappear. As such, the broker’s technical measures ensure that you’re the only one that can access your money. But, you might wonder, what about the less technical details?

Naturally, less objective security measures can be just as important as technical ones. Furthermore, user reputation is often the best indicator of a broker’s validity, as traders are quick to complain when mistreated. We’re glad to state that INVCenter’s reputation is fully pristine, and users around the world seem to love it.

For us, that was the final verification we needed to call the broker entirely safe. We recommend disregarding anyone that calls INVCenter a scam broker, as that’s a huge lie.


The Trading Accounts

One commendable aspect that we didn’t mention earlier in our INVCenter review is its variety regarding its accounts. There are four different types, each of which accommodates a particular variation of trader.

As such, no matter what your preferred investment level is, it’s likely you’ll be able to find an option for yourself. The lowest account starts at $250. Typically, that is what you can expect to shell out for most brokerages with a decent service.

The accounts follow a tiered structure that’s based on investment levels rather than balance. As such, the accounts themselves don’t have any cost associated with them. Since you can use the money you get to trade, the different variations are free. There aren’t precise investment levels, and you can discuss an upgrade with the broker at any time.

That has numerous advantages, and perhaps the most noticeable one is the possibility of upgrading naturally. By that, we mean that you don’t need to chase high-tier accounts. Your cumulative deposits can take you to the next level. That creates a situation where you can’t go wrong with either lower or higher-tier options.

However, if you’re a budget trader, you’ve likely seen a broker that has left you behind completely, favoring “whales.” That’s far from the case at INVCenter. The broker ensures to make even the cheapest option an entirely viable trading tool. As such, you won’t ever feel like you’re missing out, even if you keep your deposits to a minimum.

It’s still true that luxury accounts get luxury features, which is expected. INVCenter likes to reward loyalty, and high-investors will get the top-notch service they’re used to and then some. The broker strikes a delicate balance between low and high-budget traders, creating an optimal experience for both.

Here are some of INVCenter’s account specifications:

INVCenter's account specifications



  • Regular Spreads
  • 24/6 Support
  • Education center
  • Daily market review
  • PRO webinars
  • Price alerts


  • Silver Spreads
  • 24/6 Support
  • Education center
  • Daily market review
  • PRO webinars
  • Price alerts
  • Senior Account Manager


  • Gold Spreads
  • 24/6 Support
  • Education center
  • Daily market review
  • PRO webinars
  • Price alerts
  • VIP Account Manager
  • PIA first Trading Signals Up to X
  • Personalized trading strategy


  • Platinum Spreads
  • 24/6 Support
  • Education center
  • Daily market review
  • PRO webinars
  • Price alerts
  • VIP Account Manager
  • PIA first Trading Signals Up to X
  • Personalized trading strategy
  • Trading trainer
  • Exclusive position access


INVCenter Trading Conditions

The trading and follow-up conditions are another aspect of INVCenter’s service we were quite impressed by. First, we should mention that the broker’s cost of service is meager compared to its competitors. The accounts are investment-based, meaning there are no subscription or maintenance costs.

Additionally, the service is entirely fee-free, and all that’s left are the spreads users pay on trades. As most traders are already aware, spreads are much less costly than any other method.

As such, a more significant portion of your money goes into trading, and less goes to the broker. That means it’s simpler to stay in the green, as you’re utilizing more funds than you would with competitors. But naturally, low costs aren’t the only component to a pleasant trading experience.

However, INVCenter does well in every regard. It has moderate leverage at 1:200. That means traders can find success and spread out their capital while not increasing their risk too severely. The broker also has a substantial asset library, meaning you can always pick the top-tier assets.

Furthermore, there are the three extra features we mentioned earlier in our INVCenter review that elevate it even further. The educational materials make it so beginner traders can become more skilled and confident rapidly. Then when you can stand on your own two feet, you can start utilizing the rest.

The market analysis and utility tools fill the gap many brokers leave empty. They let you analyze and form optimal tactics that you can use to trade. They include vital tools, such as technical analysis charts, market calculators, economic news, and even some pre-made CFD strategies. With that, the broker ensured that it takes care of every need traders might have.


Account Funding

Account Funding

Another thing we wanted to mention was the account funding which props up the rest of the trading conditions. Namely, the broker allows deposits and withdrawals via numerous credit cards. That means you’re likely to find your preferred card there. The deposits are near-instant, which lets you start your trading journey straight away.

Withdrawals are completed within five business days at a baseline, which is faster than expedited options with other brokers. That allows traders to trade freely, as money will smoothly go in and out of their accounts. You don’t need to expect long delays between trading sessions because of funding issues.


Trading Platform

Trading Platform

INVCenter provides a top-notch proprietary platform that supports the rest of its excellent trading. Many traders shudder at the mention of custom platforms, thinking of totally broken software some other traders employ. We urge you to withhold judgment until you try INVCenter’s trading terminal, as it’s leagues beyond the usual proprietary platform.

The core quality of the platform is ease and insight. That lets newer traders jump in quickly and start their journey immediately. Even someone with a vague idea of what trading is would understand how the platform functions just at a glance. And you might think that strips the platform of sophisticated functionality, but you’d be wrong.

The software is as competent as more standard options and with even more polish. All it does is make trading more intuitive, thus widening the broker’s reach. The platform comes in the form of a WebTrader and Mobile Trader, increasing its overall convenience. You can get a preview of the platform by pressing the Trading button on


INVCenter’s Trading Products

As we stated earlier in our INVCenter review, the broker has a healthy asset variety. That means its users can always go with top-tier assets for their trades, and they won’t ever need to compromise. In fact, the broker’s selection is comprised of forex, crypto, and a range of CFDs on different asset classes. That means even those that usually aren’t into similar types of trading might enjoy the broker’s services.

You can find the complete trading product list inside the broker’s asset index page. That’s another advantage it holds over most brokers, as you’re entirely aware of what you’re going into before you sign up. Here’s a list of the trading instrument categories you’ll see at INVCenter:

  • Forex
  • Crypto
  • Stock CFDs
  • Index CFDs
  • Commodity CFDs


Customer Service

Near the beginning of our INVCenter review, we mentioned its customer support as one of its significant strengths. The broker managed to put together a team of kind and helpful individuals that diligently help traders with any issues or questions. On top of that, the 24/6 worktime lets users solve their problems during times when they can’t trade. That increases trader efficiency, maximizing the time you can spend trading.

Another commendable detail is that the broker set up multiple phone lines. That serves to lighten the load on one phone and increase its global reach. To contact the broker, you may employ one of its phone lines, its email, or the integrated live chat feature.

UK Phone: +44 20 3991 0009

Email: [email protected]

Customer Service


INVCenter Review: Conclusion

It’s clear from our INVCenter review that we’re quite impressed with the broker. Its service goes far beyond what you’d expect from a brokerage, especially one that’s still young. It handles itself like an expert, leaving no aspect of its service uncovered.

As far as customer relations go, its excellent support team ensures everyone walks away pleased. That’s evident by the overwhelming positive user impressions. On top of that, it also has security features that guarantee your account is safe from outside tampering. Naturally, that doesn’t stop individual traders from falling into scams, but unfortunately, that’s out of INVCenter’s control.

The excellent trading ties of its security and outside relations create a truly top-notch service. It’s rare to see a broker that manages to serve both beginners and experts without tilting too hard to either side. For the former, there are detailed educational tools, an intuitive platform, and affordable accounts. For the latter, there are sophisticated analytical tools, a plethora of information, luxury accounts, and much more.

As such, we’d like to conclude our INVCenter review by suggesting you test it out yourself. The service’s variety and quality make it a good fit for anyone, and we’re sure you will be left satisfied.

  • Support
  • Platform
  • Spread
  • Trading Instrument
Comments Rating 4.85 (81 reviews)

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