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Innovation: Samsung Display Gets U.S. Certification for Screen

On Friday, Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, acquired its US certification for its screen feature. The firm developed an unbreakable and bendable screen which passed US safety testing. Consequently, this will allow the said firm to begin the said product’s marketing.

Moreover, the South Korean firm said that the screen’s usage will be on various devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, and others.

According to Samsung Display’s, the display has a plastic protection which increases flexibility. Hence, this makes the screen practically unbreakable.

A Samsung official said that the screen has upgraded transparency which is nearly similar to a glass. Further, he said that the installation of the screen’s usage will be close-up on smartphones.

FinanceBrokerage - Innovation China hopes to find solution on clashed Qualcomm-NXP buyout
China is hoping to find a solution on the conflicted Qualcomm-NXP buyout

Underwriters Laboratories Inc is a U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration testing firm. Underwriters Lab certified the screen feature after a test in which the screen dropped 26 times at 1.2 meters in height. This was according to Samsung Display.

The firm said that the screen continued to have a normal function after the testing. Moreover, the screen had no damages to its front, sides or edges.

Meanwhile, a Samsung Display official said that the US certification grants credibility on the firm to begin its global marketing. In September, Samsung Mobile Chief stated that the development of the device needed to overcome technical difficulties before its 2018 release. Since then, the global market has been expecting Samsung Electronics with the introduction of the foldable screen.

Innovation: China hopes to find a solution on the clashed Qualcomm-NXP buyout

INNOVATION – A market regulator of China said that it still hoped to find a solution on Qualcomm Inc’s antitrust concerns. This was after when these antitrust concerns condemned the $44 billion buyouts of Qualcomm on NXP Semiconductors.

On Thursday, U.S.-based Qualcomm made abandonment the supposed biggest ever semiconductor sector buyout. This followed when companies set a deadline and have passed without the deal winning approval of China.

Meanwhile, the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) of China released a statement on Friday. It stated that the proposals of firms for the Chinese antitrust concern’s resolutions were inadequate. However, it raises hopes on a continued talk with Qualcomm.

“Coming a day after the deadline, my guess is the SAMR statement is meant to counter perceptions the deal approval process was politicized, not to revive it. Of course, this conflict with the view among many people following the deal that the U.S.-China situation had become the main obstacle, not the competition implications,” said Andrew Gilholm, director of analysis for China and North Asia at consultancy Control Risks.

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