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India-China Clash, Affects Chinese Tech Giants Like Oppo

Over recent days, the tension between China and India has taken a drastic turn. The geopolitical clash between the two is hurting Chinese technology companies such as Oppo, Alibaba, Xiaomi, and more.

Just recently, Oppo cancelled its live online smartphone launch in India because of the tensions.

More and more Indians are calling to boycott Chinese companies and goods, thanks to the unrest. Consumers have called on local businesses to shun Chinese products from their stores.

Earlier this week, Indian and Chinese soldiers had a vicious fight over the Himalayan mountain frontier. The clash was so devastating, it took the lives of about 20 Indian soldiers.

According to historical records, it’s the worst fight between the two neighboring countries since 1967.

Technology news sites say that Chinese investors with businesses in India face the most tension. The anti-China sentiment continues to boil in India and other countries, hurting big Chinese companies.

Oppo, just recently built a factory in India and is one of the main businesses affected by this tension.

The Chinese smartphone maker has been planning to launch its Find X2 smartphones in the Indian market. Moreover, yesterday was supposed to be the day of its introduction. However, the live YouTube link wasn’t available.

The company instead released a 20-minute video about how it helps to contain the spread of the coronavirus in India.

Oppo has not yet responded to any inquiries about the matter. But a source close to the matter said that the company currently contemplates plans on how to prevent an uproar.

Long-Running Tension

Long before the latest clash in the Himalayan border, there is already existing tension between the two giants. India has also changed its foreign investment policy for companies hailing from its neighboring countries.

The policy change has heavily affected Chinese technology giants as India is one of the biggest markets for smartphones and other gadgets. In fact, the advancements in modern technology have paved the way for the country to a blossoming tech-hub.

One of the many companies affected is Oppo. The deadly face-off between India and China is affecting the business of Alibaba, Tata Motors, Xiaomi, and more.

Alibaba operates business offices and centers in India, and its US Browser is notably popular with Indian consumers. As per Xiaomi, India represents almost 30% of its market shares, a big portion of its sales comes from the country.

Chinese companies will surely feel the effects of the tech giants’ call to boycott. Especially if the tension doesn’t ease.

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