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India Bans Chinese Applications Amidst Escalating Tensions

The growing geopolitical tensions between India and China led to a major blow to Chinese technology companies. More than 50 applications from China were blocked by the government of India, including popular platforms.

The Indian government now bans the usage of TikTok, WeChat, and other widely used applications. The move just left millions of users in the country surprised and disappointed as they won’t be able to use their accounts.

The Indian government said that the applications were “prejudicial” to both the sovereignty and integrity of the country. Adding that it is also detrimental to the defense, security, and public order of India.

Technology news reports said that China is asking India to uphold the legal rights of these Chinese firms.

Some experts criticized the move, calling it rather hasty as it comes with rising tensions.

The sentiment against Beijing has been heightening in the country since early June when the two camps collided. The feud devastated the global media as it led to the death of 20 Indian troops.

The unfortunate clash between the two happed in the Himalayan region of Ladakh. Both countries have deployed more troops in the area following the fights.

Indians have already called to boycott Chinese companies, their goods, services, etc. And following that, the Indian government also limited public sector companies from having contracts with China.

Modern technology has boosted the growth of India. And now, the country is one of the biggest markets for tech companies and applications.

Aside from TikTok and WeChat, other applications they blocked included Clash of Kings, Alibaba’s UC Browser, Weibo, and more.

The Chinese companies said that it is already having discussions with the Indian government regarding the matter.

Data Concerns

According to the Indian Information Technology Ministry, the move comes as more consumers complain about data privacy. The ministry said that they have been “stealing” and transmitting the data from its users in an illicit manner.

The majority of the applications in the ban have already had involvement in data privacy issues in the past. In fact, some have also been accused of sharing critical data to the Chinese government.

In the past, senators from the United States have slammed TikTok and other companies from China.

And this is not the first time India has banned some of these applications. Back in 2017, India blocked Alibaba’s US Browser after coming under fire for leaking data from Indian users.

However, the move to ban them now appears to be more of a political move rather than about data privacy.

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