Imperium Stock: What is it, and should you invest in it? 

Have you been seriously considering investing in a particular stock, such as Imperium stock, lately? Do you have the ambition to devote your time, effort, and energy to the stock market so that it can become a profitable investment for you in a short time?

First, dealing with stock trading nowadays is very challenging and requires traders to be fully informed not only about the happenings on the stock market but also in general in the economy and on the geopolitical world stage.

Investing in the stock market nowadays is a great option, but a lot depends on your chosen stock. In particular, Imperium stock is among the most talked about stocks worth investing in now. 

What kind of stock are we talking about? Let’s get all the crucial information about Imperium Technology Group Limited and find all the essentials of it and its popular stock, shall we?

What is Imperium Technology Group Limited Company?

The Imperium Technology Group Limited represents a specific investment holding company manufacturing and selling household furnishings. It specializes in household furnishing products and accessories, and it’s classified in the Consumer Cyclical sector. This company is a subsidiary of another one, Diamond State Holdings Limited. 

As a strong part of the Furnishings, Fixtures, and Appliances industry, it functions under the USA’s Furnishings, Fixtures Appliances classification, currently having more than 311.04 million shares. Imperium Technology is mostly traded in the OTC Exchange. 

Imperium Group Global has accumulated approximately 95.41 million. This gives a cash-per-share (CPS) ratio of 1.07. The Imperium Technology Group Limited company was founded in Hong Kong on January 19, 2005. Its headquarters are Room 02, 26/F, One Harbour Square, Hong Kong, China.


In which segments does this company operate?

There are the following sections by which this company operates:

  • Household products are involved in producing and distributing stainless steel furniture and household items.
  • Property Investment: Comprises earnings from renting out investment properties.
  • Esports: Involves taking part in esports tournaments, live streaming, promoting events, and selling merchandise.
  • Game Publishing: Is involved in promoting and running mobile and computer games.
  • Money Landing: Comprises earnings from lending money as a source of income.

Additional information about the company

The company is involved in various activities, such as cryptocurrency mining and providing customers with rental machines to engage in mining. It also participates in esports competitions, streams events, and market merchandise. 

Furthermore, the company invests in properties, designs, and develops mobile and computer games across Hong Kong, Asia, and other international regions. In July 2021, the company underwent a name change and is now called Imperium Technology Group Limited, having previously been named Imperium Group Global Holdings Limited.

Crucial information about the company and the stock

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  • Industry: Furniture
  • Sector: Consumer Goods
  • Revenue: $161.12M
  • Sales Growth: -13.54%
  • Employees so far: 360
  • Volume: 22.05k
  • Market Value: $237.41 million
  • Shares Outstanding: 287.21 million
  • EPS (TTM): -$0.0713

What is Imperium Stock exactly?

Imperium stock, or The Imperium Group Global IPGGF, represents security traded via a dealer network in the famous OTC market. It’s stock of Diamond State Holdings Limited. As mentioned above, Imperium Technology Group Limited is a subsidiary of Diamond State Holdings Limited. 

This particular company falls under the classification “Small-Cap”, which refers to a present market cap of the current 242.4 million. Market capitalization, for the newbies in this industry, represents an entire market value of one company’s stock. In order to calculate the market cap of the Imperium Group, it’s crucial to multiply the exact amount of its fantastic shares by the present market price. 

Nonetheless, there’s an universal principle: traditional investors are eager to invest in huge-cap stocks, while those who are more willing to take risks always like the small-cap and mid-cap equities. So far, the Imperium Stock, or the IPGGF, doesn’t pay dividends. 

What do Imperium stocks refer to? 

Stock Market

Imperium stocks refer to all the stocks that Imperium Technology Group Ltd. holds. This investment company is popularly known for its furnishings, appliances, and fixtures.

How is the Imperium Stock price calculated?

Determining the accurate worth of a company is a complex task. Although the market capitalization of a publicly traded firm, such as Imperium Group, is calculated by multiplying its stock price by the outstanding shares, gauging Imperium Group’s enterprise value necessitates a distinct methodology. 

This involves considering Imperium Group’s financial components, such as long-term liabilities, the value of a preferred stock based on the balance sheet, minority interests, and other critical financial metrics.

What is the Imperium Stock Price Today? 

At the time of writing, the Imperium Stock price was 0.6400 USD, which is -7.91%. The current worth of Imperium Group Global is estimated at $0.63 per share. However, the current market price is $0.7, making it appear overpriced. 

During the trading day, at the time of writing on February 8, 2023, the stock price witnessed huge fluctuations from $0.560 to the amazing high of $0.650, which is a difference of 16.07%. The Imperium Group Global stock experienced a decline on Wednesday, dropping from $0.695 to $0.640, a decrease of 7.91%. 

Throughout the day, the stock’s price fluctuated, reaching a low of $0.560 and a high of $0.650. Despite having an increase in price in 6 of the last 10 days, the overall decrease still stands at 5.64%. Interestingly, the volume of traded shares also decreased, typically viewed as a positive sign, as the volume should follow the stock movements.

The evaluation model considers the company’s Return on Assets and Equity.

Our expert evaluation model takes into consideration various factors, such as the company’s Return on Asset (0.28%) and Return on Equity (9.31%), as well as its Current Valuation of 306.86 million and its technical indicators and the likelihood of bankruptcy. As a general practice, it is recommended to invest in undervalued assets and divest from overvalued ones, as the market price and actual value eventually align.

Additional crucial information about the Imperium Stock

Stock Market

Here is other crucial information that you need to know regarding the worth of Imperium Stock:

  • Previous Close: 0.6950
  • Open: 0.6100
  • Bid: /
  • Ask: /
  • Day’s Range: 0.5600 – 0.6500
  • 52 Week Range: 0.5600 – 2.2100
  • Volume: 12,954
  • Average Volume: 21,452
  • Market Cap: 217,555M
  • Beta (5y monthly): 0.64
  • EPS (TTM): -0.420 

Why is the Imperium Group Global Valuation Mode crucial?

The Imperium Group Valuation Model provides a distinctive approach to determining the company’s current value. Our evaluation combines a quantitative analysis of the company’s fundamentals and an estimation of its intrinsic market price to arrive at its true worth.

Additionally, other crucial factors such as the management style, expertise, and tenure of the C-level executives, leadership history, capital structure, and potential for future earnings are also considered.

How to invest in imperium stock the best?

What advantages does the Move-to-Earn model offer? 

Suppose you are one of these enthusiastic future stock investors wondering how to buy imperium stock or how to invest in imperium stock the best. In that case, the very first thing that you’re required to do is to open a stock trading account with a broker.

Once you do so, you’ll have access to IPGGF and global online stock trading through this account. It is essential for you to transact abroad if you want to purchase or sell IPGGF shares, but you’re outside of the company’s headquarters, which is in Hong Kong.

Another thing to remember here is that if you choose to fill your account successfully, you will be required to utilize a debit card; however, you should first read this article from SuperMoney.

Nonetheless, ensure that you have a plan before making any investments. Think of your objectives.

Is it worth investing in the Imperium Stock? 

Before we give you the answer should you invest in the Imperium stock, there are more conflicting opinions. While some consider this to be an excellent and profitable opportunity, our expert opinion differs slightly for now.

According to our analysis, we can spot several unfavorable indicators for the stock. We also predict that the Imperium stock will continue to perform poorly in the near future. Taking all this into account, there’s generally a negative outlook on this particular stock at the moment.

However, suppose the Imperium Stock goes along the way with your investment strategy, and you have a strong belief in it. In that case, the Imperium Technology share could also be a good idea in the long run. Keep in mind that it’s all dependable on the timing and other assets that are included in your diversified portfolio. 

There’s a general investing experts’ advice that stock investors should always wait when the stock prices are at market lows in order to buy them and sell them once they are at market highs.

Bottom Line

Although right now may not be the right time to invest in Imperium Stock, the stock market can be both profitable and great. Some stocks enable investors and traders with fantastic growth potential, i.e., capital appreciation, in the long distance.

Every individual stock investor who aims to stick with value stocks with huge potential over time, years, and years, in general, is expected to get huge and positive returns!


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