IMPERIUM is already available. REIT token is trending 


The imperial Dollar will become the first token to enter SPACE. Its creator company will integrate the IMPERIUM into the StarLink satellite system. That will allow its blockchain to connect in areas where there is no connectivity. In addition, it will provide extreme security, stability, and privacy through a hybrid AI technology. The team created Imperium’s blockchain for the Imperial Dollar, also called IMPERIUM Coin. Its ticker is ICO.

The company launched the initial coin offering on June 20, 2022. The sale will end on September 1, 2022. ICO is quite a high-ranking token. Moreover, it is a browser-based, decentralized, peer-to-peer, private crypto. Smart contracts sustain the token. On the other hand, the blockchain provides a cross-border payment system with simplified mechanisms for fostering international trade and security for all stakeholders across the world. Imperium plans to replace laborious payment methods and paperwork processes such as telegraphic transfer systems and Letters of Credit (LoC) with instantly verifiable payment transfers.

In addition, the platform aims to enhance mass crypto adaptability. Smart Contracts significantly enhance the number of transactions executed worldwide. A one-of-a-kind native Imperium blockchain ecosystem backs them, thus solving all major bottlenecks prevalent in international trade.

The system will facilitate international trade by offering a transparent, safe, and traceable blockchain-based crypto platform. All in all, it will make the global digitization of trade processes much more efficient. This digital transformation seems quite simple, but it has far-reaching implications for interconnected commercial systems, providing productivity gains and creating more opportunities.


What about IMPERIUM’s features? 

The company has created a Smart MULTI Credit and Cash card. The latter is also a hard wallet offering an instant exchange from ICO to FIAT currency. It allows the bearer to easily purchase real estate, goods, or services online or at point-of-purchase locations. The team linked the cards to the PAYEX application.

According to IMPERIUM, its blockchain will welcome other blockchains or tokens to integrate. The team wants to create a united decentralized, totally private, and purely democratic protocol to benefit the users in a most secure way. As a result, people will have a passive income.


REIT token is also hot. What benefits does it offer? 

REIT wants to establish itself as a next-generation real estate metaverse. It will leverage the power of NFTs and blockchain technology. This company is backed by strong technological support, and it aims to disrupt the current metaverse space. The team has built the platform to curate truly immersive metaverse platforms, along with a fully-functional virtual ecosystem. The latter will offer great opportunities to the gamers to participate in the crypto space driven by digital scarcity, true- ownership, interoperability, and monetization capabilities.

The REIT team believes in the limited engagement of online gaming. Thus, it has designed its metaverse around decentralization, thus safeguarding the creators’ and players’ rights and ownership. Players will have irrefutable ownership of their digital assets as NFTs. The platform will also reward their participation with a REIT token. The platform aims to leverage blockchain technology, attracting both cryptocurrency and non-crypto game enthusiasts who want to invest in virtual real estate.

REIT has a strong potential to achieve success as recent trends have induced unprecedented enthusiasm in the real estate market. Prices for land in the metaverse have skyrocketed so much that some plots are selling for millions of dollars. Companies like Adidas, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Warner Music Group are buying into metaverses. They see Defi platforms as very strategic marketplaces and want to use them as advertising spaces.

There is already a huge market for this space, and the REIT team plans to tap into this market with its metaverse. Moreover, the company will soon converge metaverse with web 3.0. It facilitates simulated gaming experiences that offer the opportunity to engage in digital real estate investments, transactions, and strategic decision-making while earning money.


IMPERIUM is already available. REIT token is trending

What about the REIT token’s ICO sale? 

The REIT team has already created a very futuristic platform. It aims to build a truly decentralized, interoperable, and trustless platform. Besides, the network will leverage a play-to-earn business model. However, to achieve all of these, the company also needs its native utility token REIT. And it needs token holders to create its own community. Thus, the team launched the REIT token’s ICO on July 1, 2022. The sale will end on August 25, 2022. The token price is 0.05 USD per REIT, but its value will increase over time.

The total supply of tokens is 10,000,000,000. According to the team, 40% of this amount will go to Public sales, founders will get 20%, another 25% will be set aside for reserves, 10% will go to charity, and 5% is for strategic initiatives.

The company primarily offers valuable digital real estate-based tokens, along with a top-grade play-to-earn real estate simulation gaming application. The team aims for REIT to introduce a new upsurge of financial freedom by building an efficient, accessible, decentralized, and transparent system.

Moreover, the team stated that its goal is to foster economic freedom by providing an alternative means to earn money. It wants to present rare opportunities to experience and invest in self-driving, secure digital real estate transactions. REIT is pretty ambitious as it plans to become the world’s largest cryptocurrency and successfully establish digital real estate in the metaverse as a foremost wealth builder. After all, physical real estate has long become the same in the physical world.


Why is this goal so important? 

The company plans to establish itself as a top-tier player in the global metaverse industry. The latter is growing exponentially. It’s presently valued at 38.85 billion USD. Analysts expect the industry to increase to 47.48 billion U.S. dollars on 2022 before skyrocketing to 678.8 billion USD by 2030. The rapid expansion of market size, as well as the transformation it is going through, makes the real-estate industry a very exciting one. In addition, it can offer great potential for revenue growth.

As a result, many big players became interested in the industry and had been transforming it. Developers have introduced lots of very innovative business models to the market. REIT wants to lead this space. Its team believes that this project has the potential to achieve this goal.


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